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Letters to the editor published in the April 13, 2011, edition of The Explorer.

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Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 3:00 am

Please, no property, sales taxes in OV

My house has decreased $154,834 in value since 2006, radically altering my retirement. The comps for a like house are $171,666, less than the purchase price in 2002. Our Rancho Vistoso subdivision has 11 showing “for sale” signs and two advertising for renters. Many residences appear uninhabited.

I hope the town council is listening to the national crisis in property. If homes are not owned, who will pay property tax? While reviewing the budget, I ask that you not further burden home-owners stressed with the rapid decline of their investment.

During the campaign you all said you wanted to preserve the quality of life in Oro Valley. Now’s your chance.

One’s home — the middle class’s most significant investment for retirement income — is devalued. Social Security is frozen and medical insurance contributions have increased; where exactly will these tax dollars come from? Business will decline in Oro Valley if you increase the sales tax. You will force citizens to shop in areas with lower sales tax.

Town employees want and many merit increases. Where’s their team spirit?

We all have to work together and each sacrifice some of our wants for our needs. Yes, we are talking about the basics, not luxury items. Mature people are grateful to have jobs in these times. No thought of trimming TOV’s budget is fiscally irresponsible, unrealistic or myopic, mayor and councilmembers.

Michelle Saxer, Oro Valley

I don’t want what they’re saying I want

I am seriously beginning to doubt that I am an American. I was born of American parents in New York City. I pay my taxes on time and vote in every valid election, and I have a passport sanctioned by the United States government that says I’m American, but I’m beginning to wonder.

I can’t turn on the television or read a newspaper article without hearing some Republican talking about what the “American people” want, and I don’t fit their definition. According to them, the “American people” want to cut education, stop Planned Parenthood, lower taxes on the rich and corporations, and destroy Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t want any of those things.

As a matter of fact, I want just the opposite on these cuts. I want greater funding of government social programs to make America the great nation it can and should be so that our fellow citizens don’t have to sleep in the streets and die of hunger or lack of medical care. So, according to these Republicans, I’m obviously not part of the “American people.”

I wonder what I am. Maybe Kenyan. No, that one is already taken. Welcome back, Sen. McCarthy.

Doug Mitchell, Northwest Tucson

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  • dekay1 posted at 10:04 pm on Thu, Apr 21, 2011.

    dekay1 Posts: 2

    The only thing killing this country is the inability of people in power to remember who put them there and exactly what their job is. Everyone has to trim their own personal household budget and our leaders should do the same. Do any of you just throw away money? Are you borrowing so much you will never be able to pay it back? It really no longer matters what party you are with or against anymore, what matters is that they all work for us! We can and should hold the government responsible for their actions, as well as, inaction. It's our money. It's being wasted. And the large corporations, well, they pretty much are doing the same thing the government has been doing. Screwdriver anyone?!?

  • DonnaG61 posted at 1:58 pm on Thu, Apr 14, 2011.

    DonnaG61 Posts: 1

    I totally agree with Mr. Mitchell. The Conservative Republicans are killing this country, then blaming the "liberal" Democrats. We need to start educating our children and putting money back into America. If these large Corporations are truly American they would stop sending our jobs to other countries and start re-investing in the American workers again. Lets start helping the American people again and stop cutting programs that do. The trickle down economics of Ronald Reagan do not work. Lets take our
    Country back.[smile]



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