Williams should show his own maps

This is in response to Vic Williams’ recent statements about the IRC and redistricting. Although we can argue all day if Vic Williams’ facts are correct, facts seem to be irrelevant to him.

However, if Vic Williams wants to replace the IRC with the VIC, he should also provide voters with copies of his proposed districts with supporting statistics which show how his districts meet the redistricting criteria. If he thinks the IRC drafts are not correct, we should have his districts to compare them to. We are entitled to see what he thinks is correct. Once we have both we can compare and evaluate and decide if the IRS draft districts are really as bad as he says there are.

It is not fair to attack the IRC without seeing his alternative. Vic, show us the maps.

Walter Marcus



Marana is a great community

I am a native Tucsonan who moved to Marana 7 years ago.  This is the greatest place to live.  Marana seems to value it citzens and provides so many activities for us to participate in that don’t cost us anything. This is such a family oriented community.

The police force is awesome. One day, I lost my keys to my vehicle and it was parked at the base of a mountain where I walk and a police officer called my home to make sure I was okay. I am not use to this service and I love it.

The roads are maintained and the council seems to care about everyone.

Today just felt like a good day to say thank you Marana.


Louise Prowell



Rep. Williams has become super partisan

Mr. Vic Williams has written an amazing piece for a State Representative who has heretofore mostly succeeded in remaining at a distance from the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, usually appearing quite reasonable in his positions and his rhetoric.

This time he has come out as a super partisan, following in the steps of his stable mate, Representative Terri Proud. The fear for her political future that has motivated Ms. Proud in attacking the Independent Redistricting Commission from the moment the four partisan Commissioners unanimously chose Colleen Mathis to chair the Commission is now echoed shrilly by Mr. Williams.

An Independent by registration, Mathis might have been registered as a Libertarian or a Green and been qualified to serve as chairman, since the constitutional requirement is that the chairman not be registered with any party already represented on the Commission. Further, the political leanings, contributions, employment of a spouse or other family member are legally irrelevant to the qualification of an individual to serve on the Commission.

My recollection is that the first IRC, under the chairmanship of Steve Lynn, did not initially satisfy the Department of Justice as to the requirements of the Voting Rights Act, and the courts eventually played a significant role in the establishment of the districts with which the state has lived during the past decade.

And weren’t questions raised about Mr. Lynn’s independence? Mr. Williams may not recall those times but thinks they were just about perfect, unlike today.

Frank Bergen



An idea for Williams to consider

In (the Nov. 23 edition of The Explorer) Ariz. House Representative Vic Williams asks for “a truly independent redistricting commission that does not serve the interest of either the Republicans or Democrats”

Well, here is an idea for him. Members of the commission will have not been a registered member of either the Republican or Democratic party for a period of 5 years prior to their appointment. Any chance of this passing? I doubt it. However, it might serve the people of the state who would benefit from the independence of this approach.

Chuck Davis, Oro Valley

Williams should look at the facts

I am writing in response to the opinion written by Rep. Vic Williams about the IRC. Mr. Williams is certainly entitled to his opinion about the Independent Redistricting Commission.  However, in the middle of this op-ed he makes a completely off-topic accusation about Rep. Nancy Young Wright. Mr.

Williams states that his opponent (Ms. Young Wright) is ‘unquestionably the most far left-wing ideology who served in the Arizona House of Representatives. Their unsuccessful campaign was one of the dirtiest in recent southern Arizona history.

The dirtiest in recent southern Arizona history? That is a serious, serious accusation. Mr. Williams presented this as though it were fact. Read it again, “Their unsuccessful campaign was one of the dirtiest in recent southern Arizona history.”

Mr. Williams, you made accusations. Now, I ask you to provide citizens with the facts about why you state that this campaign was the dirtiest in recent southern Arizona history.’

As citizens we must no longer tolerate attacks against individuals without also demanding the facts.

Cheryl Cage

Shocked by Melvin and Williams’ statements

Reading the Explorer I was Shocked just Shocked, that Captain Al and Vick Williams want to have another go around on redistricting, along Ms. Proud that’s three from our area who feel that they know more then the people, who have put them where they are. Disagree with Melvin and Williams on IRC issues

Captain Al says that he disagrees with the initiative voters approved in 2000, and goes on to say that the initiative needs to be put before the people.  Gee Al, I thought that’s what we did in 2000. 

Al also says that he couldn’t say how much a special election will cost, but who cares. The thing about controlling the cost of government, is that it’s not to be taken as factual, when it comes from our three Republicans. Seems to me that our representatives should be practicing law instead of just sitting in Phoenix. Sure seems like they know more about the law than our Supreme Court.

Vic Williams is also quoted as saying, “It is important that we honor the will of the voters and ensure that they get what they bargained for.” I think that the will of the people has been honored, that’s why we chose not to trust the politicians in Phoenix, and voted for them to keep their noses out of redistricting.  But I have a great idea for the Republicans, (1) Go ahead and hold your special election, but the Republican party must pay for all costs. (2) You have to sign a pledge that when you lose the election, the Republican party will never again try to usurp the will of the people of Arizona.

Clyde Steele

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