GOP has 'true conservatives,' and the RINOS

In response to Connie Pellman's letter of Aug. 4, I will start by saying I'm a volunteer for Jesse Kelly.

It would be foolish to deny that there is no difference in Republicans.

You have the truly conservative, who believe in limited federal government, as clearly defined in our Constitution. Then there are the "rhino" Republicans (Republicans in name only). John McCain is a perfect example. He has worked hand and glove with some of the most liberal Democrats (Kennedy, Feingold — also close to Senator Leiberman). Can anyone give an example where John McCain ever worked that closely with a truly conservative Republican?

Jonathan Paton has that same liberal Republican philosophy. On 2008 budget, he voted against the Republicans in the Arizona Senate and with the Democrats and Gov. Napolitano. Likewise tort reform, SB 1018.

Jonathan Paton can have the endorsement of John McCain. We will take the endorsements of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, National Border Patrol Council, Mark Levin, Congressman Marsha Blackburn, Congressman Trent Franks, Family Research Council and other real conservative people and organizations.

Unless we send men and women to Washington D.C. who know, understand and follow the constitution, it will be "the same old, same old" and our country is doomed.


Mona Moehring, Casas Adobes

Actually, it really is all about reform

I agree with letter writer Ken Kinared, it is about campaign finance reform.

Just last week, our senators McCain and Kyl voted down S-3628 by a vote of 57-41 against (yes, that's right, the overwhelming majority of U. S. Senators voted for campaign finance disclosures but ours were able to oppose and defeat them due to filibuster rules).

This was a bill in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations, unions, and interest groups to spend unlimited amounts advocating the election or defeat of candidates. This bill required disclosures of who was doing the donating. Don't most of us think that is a good idea?

Just one more glaring example that your representatives, in this case senators, are not voting in your interests.

Regardless of your political affiliation, you as a citizen should be appalled.

Note: I am only using these particular Republican senators because they happen to "represent me."

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

Hiremath had nothing to do with Basis pace

On Aug. 3, Mayor Hiremath states at the Basis School ribbon cutting, "This project is a model, because from start to finish it only took four months to complete."

Let's see, Hiremath has been in office for 60 days … the project started four months ago … therefore, the "improved" development process was initiated prior to Hiremath taking office. Also, the Basis project went through the much-maligned development review board.

Consequently, Hiremath had nothing to do with the improved process, and the improved process included a meeting with the development review board.

David Berry, Oro Valley

Huge carrots from 'fill firm are dangling

A payment of $450,000/yr, from DKL Holdings, the developer of the proposed landfill, is a huge carrot hard for the town council to resist. Will maintenance of Avra Valley Road consume this carrot?

DKL's promised payment [tax deductible?] of $150,000/yr is a huge carrot that's won support from school board member Dan Post and Superintendent Doug Wilson.

Hence the reason carrots are offered — not from some sense of loyalty to Marana or concerns for school children — but to overcome any misgivings felt by the public / officials, to convince them the landfill is good and safe, and to gain support.

If something is good and safe, it should be able to sell itself on merit alone without enticements. But landfills are not good and safe. Even the EPA has gone on record saying, "No liner … can keep all liquids out of the ground for all time." The only safe landfill is an empty landfill.

Natural breakdown of wastes produces a toxic liquid called leachate full of organic and inorganic pollutants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals harmful to the body's glands that produce hormones.

A study found that babies born of mothers living near landfills have a greater risk of neural-tube defects and malformation of the cardiac septa — a natural hole between chambers of the fetus's heart that curtails blood flow to the lungs, and is supposed to close before birth.

Dr. David O. Carpenter said studies found that children living near landfills or contaminated bodies of water have higher hospitalization rates for acute respiratory infections or asthma, saying the effects of landfill toxins on the immune system has been "underestimated." Studies also show possible increased risks for leukemia and certain cancers, such as brain and bladder cancers, in adults living near landfills.

I ask school district officials, "Do you really want to endanger the health of Roadrunner Elementary children, living within three miles of this dump, in exchange for your carrot?" Town council, "Is the health of these children and families worth your carrot? How much is the health of an innocent child worth?"

Janice Mitich, Picture Rocks

OV's temporary sign relief is a cause for concern

When small business owners expect Oro Valley's citizens to save them from economic conditions, poor business decisions, bad location choices, and to give them exclusive input on the number, size, and type of temporary signs, they are not being realistic or good citizens of the town.

These expectations led the town council to approve a temporary, possibly renewable, sign relief waiver generating my concerns.

I am concerned with our council:

• Devising its own procedure to bypass state statute and negate existing town temporary sign codes;

• Having no Planning and Zoning input and public review;

• Having no written proposal for council/public review;

• Approving an oral waiver of sections of the temporary sign code, thus superseding sections of current and future temporary sign codes;

• Eliminating currently prohibited temporary signs;

• Allowing only businesses to propose solutions for temporary relief;

• Considering this an "experiment;"

• Using the "experiment's" results to modify the sign task force's recommendations;

• Continuing this slipshod mode of governing.

I am concerned the temporary waiver implementation and review:

• Lacks explicit guidelines for specific data/facts justifying temporary signage and proving their effectiveness after 90 days;

• Lacks a controlled environment;

• Lacks defined measures of success;

• Lacks verification of inputs and results;

I am concerned with the town depending on input of some in the business community to measure results. Prior to the passage of this waiver, Bonnie Quinn told the council she violated the town's code displaying an A-frame sign. After the temporary waiver was approved, Quinn was quoted in the Arizona Daily Star saying she would go through the proper channels and apply to display the sign temporarily. "I will wait to use my sign again," she said. However, Quinn used her temporary A-frame the next two weekends, prior to the effective date of the temporary sign waiver.

When a business owner, who is leading the efforts to have the town implement this poorly-developed waiver, says one thing and does another, it raises concerns about others.

Donald Bristow, Oro Valley

Pinal backers want Marana to bail out deal

I have attended all the Marana Town Council meetings for the regional landfill. Outside were protestors with signs saying "Follow the money." This is great advice. Let's follow the money.

DKL Holdings is buying 590 acres from Herb Kai. It is not surprising or unreasonable that Mr. Kai might sell land in Marana.

DKL proposes to put a regional landfill on this property. The DKL landfill will offer us low-cost waste disposal, improvements to roads, protection for the airport, enhanced property tax values for the schools and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the town and to the school district, for many years to come.

Both Pima County and City of Tucson reports and letters conclude modern landfills are not a threat to the aquifer, especially here in our dry climate. All the independent experts have stated the location is safe and appropriate.

So where is the money to follow? That would be the money being spent by a competitor trying to deprive us of these benefits. A competitor who is a real estate speculator with no experience in solid waste. A competitor that rezoned land in virgin desert in Pinal County for a landfill that was to be owned "in all or part" by Pima County. Pima County backed out on that deal and no companies with experience in solid waste disposal have shown any interest in the site.

This competitor has been working full-time with neighborhoods in Avra Valley and Picture Rocks to try to deprive us of the benefits this facility will bring us. The landfill project provides no risk or detriment to these neighborhoods. All of them are much farther away than Gladden Farms is from Tangerine. However, the full-time paid consultant of this competitor is working diligently to hurt us all, by spreading false information. They want us, the Marana community, to bail them out of a bad real estate deal.

Don't be conned. The landfill will benefit our community. We do not need more traffic and transfer stations to try to prop up an ill-fated real estate deal in Pinal County.

David Morales, Marana

Residents feel violated by the need to defend

Many of us in the opposition group have lived in the Silverbell West subdivision for 20 years. We have improved our properties with our own blood, sweat and tears. I am still trying to figure out what's wrong with our society, when we can disregard people's homes, children, health and welfare for money. Yet our governments continue to let people with enough money and resources do this.

We have presented every issue imaginable to the council at each and every meeting that we are able to speak. It is good, solid information about the adverse effects that a 500-acre dump could have upon our community. Pima County and the City of Tucson sent the Town of Marana documents, telling them that the choices for modern landfills do not include being near neighborhoods, over a rising aquifer or in a floodplain.

Larry Henk, because of his obvious money and resources, is being allowed to present the council and the public elaborate, unlimited presentations that unfortunately our neighborhood cannot match. They continue to romance the council with more perks for the town, all the while trying to keep us swept under the carpet.

If this dump was really the best idea and location ever, than why are they trying to add in so many extras in an attempt to make sure it goes through? We have been violated by being put in the position of trying to defend our neighborhood and resources from Vice Mayor Herb Kai and Henk. They both have their own personal agendas which does not include or benefit our neighborhood, nor do they live here.

They have taken almost seven months of our time, doing research, petitions, meetings and community outreach to oppose this dump. How dare they put us in this place and think that a new road on Avra Valley, traffic light or some shrubs on a huge pile of dirt can take away the anxiety of contaminating our neighborhood.

Pam Ruppelius, Silverbell West

This letter was edited – Ed.

Those who run for office are in fact politicians

The flyers last week were astounding.

The claim "I am not a career politician" is amazing. Emil previously emphasized that our Founding Fathers were all "career politicians," yet stepped back from that position in the July 28th Explorer. This is inconsistent.

The term "career politician" is interesting to explore. First, we the people control the destiny of those running for political office. We make their career and control of their destiny and ours. Any candidate that implies that they have "no desire to be a politician" and run for office has some explaining to do. Whenever a private citizen steps into the realm of running for office, they become a politician. If one were sincere about their desires, their intentions would be made clear regarding their political endeavors.

Some have said, "I have no desire to be a politician. I want to keep in the private sector and spend time with my wife and boys." With this being the case, why not state: I will only hold office for the original term limits established by our Founding Fathers. This would remove all doubt regarding any political career objectives and honestly addresses ones claims.

Term limits prevented individuals from becoming "career politicians." All candidates desire a long-term endeavor and each candidate is mindful of this as they seek office.

Being a "career politician" is not an issue between candidates. Creating emotionalism and frustration around the verbiage "career politician" mimics much of what we saw in 2008. Emotionalism and frustration are key elements of propaganda with tremendous leverage gained in its use. Such emotionalism on hybrid issues require political skill that only a seasoned politician has mastered. Are such claims being made by one whom is interested in a career and has "no desire to be a politician?"

Despite the claims being made, each candidate is a politician. Any claim that they do not desire being a politician is dishonest. To claim anything other than this is a bold lie and the term "career politician" is mere emotion-generating propaganda being repeated every two years.

Bob Black, Oro Valley

Time for all to come to aid of their country

The inept handling or our national security at many levels has caught the eye of most Americans who have been moving through their days in a daze.

Between the irresponsible leak of active theater war documents (placing even more lives at risk) and the admission by Janet Napolitano that the Department of Homeland Security has nowhere near enough resources to manage our southern border, the people of the people, us legal citizens, have had enough.

Now a federal judge actually tells Arizona law enforcement officials not to check the "papers" of individuals they come in contact with. Odd that if we legal American citizens go to any other country, including Mexico, we have to show our papers at the border (because we actually go through a border crossing) and whenever any Mexican law enforcement official asks for them. Whatever happened to equal treatment under the law?

Funny the Mexican president says nothing about that while he preaches to us.

Thank God that our founding fathers had the wisdom to empower the citizens of our nation to keep and bear arms (the Second Amendment) for self protection. It can be assumed that it was very much on their minds, since it is the Second Amendment and not the Last Amendment.

The time has come for all good men to come to the aid of their country. If the Feds can't handle the border, why are we letting them anywhere near health care? The people you vote for carry with them far-reaching consequences like laws, judges, appointments and policies. The insane liberal spending and policies of this administration will hurt us all.

Are you better off now than you were two years ago? It is time to replace every single incumbent.

Mark Finchem, Oro Valley

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