Landfill needed; letters not

Can The Explorer be so biased as to give a couple of rabid residents a weekly forum to rant and rave about the much-needed waste reclamation landfill?

This waste site is needed by thousands of residents and businesses. To satisfy these people on SilverBell West, we would have to fly the garbage to the moon.

Get real, Storzer.

Arthur Phillips, SaddleBrooke

Why does it take money to motivate?

Why would anyone care about other people and their health or the safety of the water aquifer? Those things cannot be more important than the promise of over a half million dollars each year for the Town of Marana, can they?

I believe that when DKL speaks the garbage dump language, some people get up and dance.

There was a time when I thought this was just a business deal. One businessman who owned the property (Vice Mayor Herb Kai) selling to another businessman who had a need for said property (Larry Henk). As I continued to investigate and read facts from other people's investigations, I grew more and more leery of the plan and the people involved.

Now I wonder about some Marana Town Council members and the image that will be placed on the town if the council does business with questionable people. Why would the council want to bring suspicion upon their dealings by doing business with those people? Does money mean that much to them?

I can remember when times were different. People cared about each other. We trusted each other. Now, it's all about money and what can you do for me? What ever happened to "what can I do for you?"

Why can't people respect others? Why does it take money to motivate so many people?

Linda Storzer, Silverbell West

No better thana McCarthy-era hunter

During the Aug. 17 Marana council meeting, I watched as DKL's representative Michael Racy addressed the council.

He started by apologizing (?) to the council for his actions at a Heritage Highlands meeting. At that meeting, Michael Racy had tactically and with what I believe to be calculated malice call one of the people in our group a communist.

Michael Racy was at that moment no better than the McCarthy-era witch hunters, a prime example of a race baiter. He knew that the member of our group was not a communist, but his estranged father had been. Does Michael Racy really believe that the sins of the father befall the son? If he does, he should take a good look at himself, being the father of a young boy.

Did Michael Racy really believe our member died in 1969 and was over 100 years old?

Michael Racy also attempted to undermine any information that can be found on the Internet by telling the council how inaccurate that information is. What I find very interesting about his talk to the council members is that we educate our children in school with computers and access to the Internet. Is he saying that our educators are filling our children's minds with false and inaccurate information because they find it on the Internet?

It seems DKL/Michael Racy have resorted to name calling to advance their attempt for a garbage dump on top of our water. How can any of the proponents or the council believe anything he says? He is a lobbyist, a highly paid mouthpiece who is paid to know facts before he speaks. Has he been directed by Larry Henk, president of DKL, to do what ever it takes to get me this dump? Something to think about.

Melissa Rohlik, Silverbell West

At one time, U.S. opened the floodgates

In the 1800s and 1900s, when the plague hit Europe, the U.S. opened the floodgates and allow thousands of people into the U.S. and made them citizens.

When the Indo-Chinese wanted out of Asia, once again we opened our doors and let them in and gave them U.S. citizenship. All that Cubans have to do to become a U.S. citizen is make it to shore in the U.S. When many of the Italians came over, they were minus necessary paperwork to get into the U.S., thus "WOP" — which means Without Official Papers — was born and exceptions were made.

Why is it that years ago we could make provisions for others to become U.S. citizens and our neighbors who helped us build our railroads and work our fields have to place their life in jeopardy to become a U. S. citizen?

The Mexicans crossing our borders are good, hard-working people that want our same dream. I know about the drug cartel and I also know about supply and demand. The illegal drug problems is our problem; without demand, you can starve the supply.

Fred J. Koch, Oro Valley

It's illegal to tamper with political signs

Re: Arizona law regarding tampering with political signs

Arizona Statute 16-1019 A. states: "It is a class 2 misdemeanor for any person to knowingly remove, alter, deface or cover any political sign of any candidate for public office for the period commencing forty-five days prior to a primary election and ending seven days after the general election. ( Note: The penalty for a class 2 misdemeanor is up to a $750 fine and/or up to 4 months in jail.)

Each sign tampered with is treated as a separate incident.

Let this be fair warning to anyone thinking about tampering with political signs. Extensive tampering with political signs has already occurred in LD 26 and LD 30.

Anyone witnessing the tampering with political signs is encouraged to report this type of illegal act to law enforcement, so that the applicable Arizona law can be enforced.

District 26 Sen. Al Melvin, SaddleBrooke

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