The recent proposal by some Tucson Democrats to secede from the rest of the state once again shows us how clueless most of them are.

Attempts to make a state called Baja Arizona have been around a long time; they have about as much real viability as running the Mexican Reconquista proposed in certain TUSD classes the other way and grabbing Rocky Point. Two things are different this time. First is the attention given it by many who whomp the legislature for wasting time on trivial issues. The second is the re-definition of “Baja Arizona.”

Current proponents now define it as only Pima County. The traditional definition is those current counties included all or in part in the Gadsden Purchase. Beyond Pima, that’s Yuma, La Paz, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee. That would include close to two million people and with some stray pieces of Maricopa currently is represented by most of two Congressional districts with parts of two others.

On the surface this would make another blue state as the two larger Congressional districts both just elected Democrats, although by close margins, but add the other pieces and you’d tip at least one Republican.

More relevant are the state legislative districts. There are about nine of them, and for a long time they were dominated by Democrats. That domination ended in 2010. Six of the nine senators are Republican as are 11 of the 18 House members. That approximates the state totals of 21-9 and 40-20. The real Baja Arizona would be another GOP state.

And unlike the mushmouths and RINOs the southern GOP used to send to Phoenix, these Republicans are real conservatives generally allied with their northern brethren.

Tucson Democrats may claim they wish to escape from Phoenix “crazies” but what they really want to get away from is Saddlebrooke, Safford and Sierra Vista. I suspect that some Democrat supporting this may have run the numbers.

They want to put the secession option on the ballot in Pima County. OK, but first let’s allow the voters all the real options. One of those would be joining the rest of Southern Arizona in a genuine Baja state. Another would be opting out of a Tucsoncentric operation. Why should Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita and unincorporated Pima move to a new domination by Tucson crazies?

Democrats have a major problem. They are unable to deal with reality. They (and too many others) falsely assumed that the 2008 election was the new dawn. They lost big in 2010 and are still in denial. From Wisconsin to Arizona they are generally unable to accept it and are trying to change or even ignore the rules.

Whenever I see some batch of losers trying to “reform the process” by changing the rules (exemplified by the Morrison Institute attempts to destroy real representative government in Arizona because they don’t like our current representatives), I think back to all of those friendly little dealer’s choice poker games. There was often some twerp who’d been losing all night who decided the only shot he had was calling the bizarre like No Peaky and Anaconda because he lost his butt at the real ones like draw and stud.

Politics is a lot like poker. There’s always another hand sitting right on top of the deck and there are no “safe” constituencies long term or else we’d still have a few Whigs in office somewhere. The attitude Democrats have towards losing is petty and will hardly win back most of what they already lost with bad candidates and worse ideas. There only real hope is Republican incompetence, something that’s preserved a lot of lucky Democrats who shouldn’t let it go to their head.


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OK, not all the "crazies" are from the demographics you describe, and they're not ALL narcissists (in my humble opinion). I'm sick to death of Phoenix conservatives making decisions that will devastate the lives of a lot of people already living in poverty (did you know that AZ holds the "dis-stink-tion" of being second from the bottom in all the states of numbers of individuals living in poverty??). I love AZ, even though I can't claim to be a native Arizonan. I live in Bisbee and love the history and grandeur of the whole state. But Jan B, and her "brain", Rusty Pearce and their cronies are creating an environment of hate and racism that is shameful, to say to least. I would opt for secession...gladly.


Sick of us, ha! I'm sick of not being represented in the State I was born in. Most of the loser Republicans in Phoenix are retirees from the mid-west or back-east. They do not represent southern Tucson. Jan Brewer cuts away at the budget while Arizona's children suffer the consequences of underfunded educational programs. I hope the democrats pursue this and actually go through with it this time. If you believe what you say that southern Arizona democrats are a "batch of losers" then you should also say "good riddance". Your right-wing rhetoric is exactly why we want to distance ourselves from you and your ilk. Phoenix quasi-cons politicians have become an embarrassment for the rest of Arizona and to the nation.


AMEN Tucson Coyote!!!!!


Go Franzi . . . You've captured the essence of the truth!


No, Emil, you are the clueless one. The mere fact that people in Southern Arizona (not just Tucson) are unhappy en mass with the Phoenix Legislature (they mandate rules for an entire state based on the political bent in Phoenix) is grounds alone for concern. Just the fact that enough people are honestly so fed up with fat old white guys making stupid laws in Phoenix, that they would seriously support secession, should be all of our concern. Cavalier attitudes in politics, as opposed to true representation, will be every good ol' boy politician's downfall, their little laws will all be overturned, just like they are doing now to the previous laws. You're right we don't need to create a new state, because in a few years, the mood will swing to the other side. People are unhappy with lack of jobs, higher taxes, loss of medical care and numerous other important issues; why isn't the State of Arizona and it's elected officials dealing with these major issues as a priority, versus political grandstanding with the opposing party? Disgust is growing...


Having lived for many years in Arizona, both Phoenix and Tucson, I can tell you that the state legislature cares very little about the needs of Pima County. It has been that way for over 50 years. Now is the time to end this albatross and have our independence from the conservatives and tea partiers.


Franzi shows his ignorance again. This is not solely an idea that attacks the Southern Arizona Republican conservatives. As he said this idea has been around for a long time. I have often complained about the "Maricopa County Legislative" that tries to pass itself off as representative of the whole state. And often it is not just those from Maricopa County. Jake Flake's term as Speaker was an embarassment to all Arizonans and an affort to those of use who live in So. Arizona. His attempts to instill lock-step loyalty by punishing our legislators who tried to actually make the legislature work was the epitome of abuse of power. So. Arizona has suffered at the hands of the Maricopa power population bully since I moved to the state in 1978. I'm not surprised to see the idea revived again (by Republicans and Libertarians as well as Democrats),

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