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Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 3:00 am

Recall attempt is a waste of time, money

The attempted recall of Oro Valley council members Joe Hornat and Mary Snider is a needless distraction to our community and reeks of pure hypocrisy. This effort is being driven by a small number of bitter, discontented residents who resent the outcome of our last election and are now trying to sabotage our duly elected officials from doing the job we elected them to do.

There is no rational basis for this recall. It’s clear from the statements coming from this group that they have a personal axe to grind and they don’t seem to care that this could end up costing us, the people of Oro Valley, more than $70,000 (the cost of a recall election).

I encourage my fellow Oro Valley residents not to sign this silly petition. We’ve already wasted enough time on these “sore losers.” We can find a much better use for our $70,000.

Kevin Jones, Oro Valley

Finds recall activity unnecessary

I am extremely concerned by the recall movement sponsored by a small local group under the guise of “politician accountability.” I read the recall webpage/blog and found distortions, misleading and fear-mongering assertions seemingly based on a select few opinions and political viewpoints.

At a time when we should move forward to build the town we want for generations to come, regardless of our personal politics, I find this recall activity destructive and unnecessary. If we have to face a special election because of this group, the cost to us as Oro Valley citizens will be about $50,000 or more.

I know council members have worked with staff, weighed reasonable options, cut costs, and done what can be done without further detrimental impact on our community and the quality of life we enjoy.

Our town has grown by more than 38 percent since 2000. We must deal with the reality of that situation if we are to meet the need of our citizens. The least impactful method is a slight increase in utility taxes – about $6 per month for the average Oro Valley family. There are no other taxes proposed – no sales taxes increases, no property taxes, etc. Nor have any such things been proposed by the council.

This past year, I have watched the newly-elected council meet with business leaders to plan for the future, work to resolve long-standing issues, and struggle to reach consensus on decisions to protect our town and quality of life.

I have found them to be accountable in their deliberations, their personal concern for this community, and in their actions – no matter how difficult the decisions. I urge my fellow citizens – do not support this recall nonsense that comes with a disruptive financial and social cost to Oro Valley.

Kay Williams, Oro Valley

MPA does not support OV council recall

The Metropolitan Pima Alliance is dedicated to advocating responsible development in the Pima County metropolitan area and furthering the interests of the real estate and development industry by collaboratively working through various public processes.

MPA is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates because it is our philosophy to work with all elected officials to achieve compromise. It is the job of council members to balance out the concerns and needs of all community members, including businesses, residents and environmentalists. 

For this reason, we do not support The Politician Accountability Coalition for Oro Valley Recall against Vice Mayor Mary Snyder and Councilman Joe Hornat.

For one, both were elected during a democratic process in which these two individuals fairly received the majority of votes. To recall newly-elected council members and generate the additional expense of a special election is irresponsible. 

Additionally, council, in partnership with staff, has exhibited the ability to seek compromise positions – a trait MPA strongly supports.

Amber Smith, Executive Director

Metropolitan Pima Alliance

Please do not sign OV recall petitions

The negative political tone that is currently occurring in Oro Valley is similar to that which we are seeing across the country. The recall petitioners are name-calling and slinging inaccuracies.

One incredibly galling inaccuracy is that Vice Mayor Mary Snider does not care about the students in the Amphitheater School District. In 2003, Mary Snider brought the idea and vision of holding a Project Graduation event to Ironwood Ridge High School. IRHS was a brand new school and Ms. Snider’s vision was that beginning with the first graduating class of 2004, Project Graduation should become a part of the fabric of the school and our community.

Statistics show that graduation night can be one of the most dangerous nights in the lives of our students and as a result, the community. Yet, Oro Valley Police Chief Danny Sharp has said that since the advent of Project Graduation, there has not been one incident in Oro Valley on graduation night.

Canyon del Oro joined IRHS in hosting a Project Graduation event and soon after, Amphi High School followed. The enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise, etc., that Ms. Snider brought to the table regarding Project Graduation impressed and astounded all involved. This same motivation and hard work has been demonstrated in her position as Oro Valley Town council member and vice mayor.

Anyone who tells you otherwise does not have the facts. Keep Oro Valley the Community of Excellence we all love. Please do not sign the recall petitions.

Donna Winetrobe, Oro Valley

Why do we tolerate administrative ‘stuff’?

Mr. Franzi’s opinion piece (“AZTLAN – Go to Oz, turn left past Camelot and head south”) of June 1 in The Explorer was brilliant.

What he said begged to be said. Something much like it should have been said loudly and often by the administrators at TUSD. I just do not understand why we taxpayers tolerate some of the “stuff” that goes on in our public schools.

Jack Peters, Tucson

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