Letters to the editor published in the January 6, 2010, edition of The Explorer.

Giffords can't keep spending, yet support a federal debt lid

Is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a tax and spend liberal?

According to an analysis by the Arizona Republic (27 Dec. 2009), she votes with Pelosi and the Democratic leadership 92 percent of the time.

She voted for the $787 billion "stimulus" package that succeeded in stimulating government hiring and spending, but failed to reduce the unemployment rate. She supported the economy-killing "cap and trade" bill that won't work for its intended purpose and Obama's $3.5 trillion budget that increased government spending far above the rate of inflation. She supported the 2010 defense budget stuffed with billions in earmarks. (During the campaign, Obama promised to veto any defense appropriation containing earmarks, but of course that won't happen.)

Government spending is out of control and the deficit is skyrocketing, yet she voted against authorizing an increase in the debt ceiling, characterizing her position as "cutting up the national credit card."

Say what?

How can she favor massive spending initiatives but oppose the means by which they are financed? She can't have it both ways. Her posturing as a fiscally responsible moderate is wearing a bit thin. Her opponent in 2010 will hammer her spending record, her commitment to big government, and her allegiance to Nancy Pelosi.

To her credit, she has a positive persona and provides excellent constituent service, for which I commend her. But this won't be enough to get her re-elected if CD8 voters are paying attention.

Robert Key, Tucson

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