Oro valley’s strength begins in its backyard and with its citizens

As I read Mayor (Satish) Hiremath’s words in the Aug. 31 issue (“Oro Valley’s strength begins in our backyard”), I wondered if I live in the same community of excellence he referenced as Oro Valley.

Our mayor was taking great pride in the work that has been done to collaborate with the local businesses and organizations in hopes of keeping patronage within our community.  The Veteran Support Initiative is an honorable program, but he is mysteriously silent about his initiative to eliminate Coyote Run.

In 1996, Coyote Run was designated to aid our elderly (62 years and older) as well as disabled and handicapped individuals.  What a wonderful privilege it is.  But more importantly, an honor that there was a group of individuals who proposed the idea to aid our elderly and disadvantaged citizens and provide a sense of independence for them.  This is one example of Oro Valley being a “community of excellence.”       

I hope Mayor Hiermath will also honor his most vulnerable citizens when voting on the issue to retain Coyote Run. This transit system aids in transporting the elderly, disabled and handicapped around our community but also all over Tucson to their necessary appointments and programs.

After all, the strength of Oro Valley begins in our backyard...and in taking care of our citizens.

Carol Hunter

Friends of Coyote Run

Editor’s note: The Explorer has pubished recent stories about the Oro Valley transit services (“Court ruling could impact Coyote Run,” Sept. 14, and the Friends of Coyote Run citizens group “Coyote Run groups education public,” Sept. 7.)

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