We've turned into a bunch of whining sheep

The other day on my way to work, while driving behind a line of cars in a construction zone, a woman in the largest SUV made came flying up behind us and moved into a no-passing median to speed by us.

I noticed, as she went on through the red light, she had an "Honor God" bumper sticker on the tailgate. It made me wonder what kind of person says that they honor God as they emblematically thumb their nose at everyone else. It made me think what selfish, whining sheep the people of this state and nation are becoming.

Pass a law that does not affect you, then it is not a problem. Pass a law that requires everyone to have proof of citizenship with them is not a problem unless you are of a certain ethnic group, but put cameras in intersections for public safety to catch people driving illegally and it suddenly becomes the government overstepping its boundaries.

Complaint about government spending, but then make sure you get tax credits for buying a new house or new appliances, or your business receives corporate welfare by way of subsidies and tax breaks. Complain about how we supposedly are becoming more socialistic as you receive Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits and you eat food that that is heavily subsidized with your tax dollars.

Whine about health reform and the cost of health reform as you allow your taxes to go to the most profitable companies and industries by way of subsidies, grants and tax breaks.

We have become sheep: when we listen to television and radio "news" entertainers and believe everything they say, when taking just a few minutes to check their "facts' will prove them wrong. When we believe it when people in a new vocal, anti-government group say that the President is going to ban hunting and fishing. When we refuse to believe the cost of health care reform can be paid for without new taxes or increasing government debt by cutting corporate welfare.

We are like sheep about to slaughter ourselves as we whine about it and ask for more.

Greg Steed, Oro Valley


Disagrees with endorsement

I have been thinking about this issue since I read your endorsement of Satish Hiremath in the Explorer. I think it is inappropriate for a community newspaper editor to personally endorse a local political candidate. 

Hiremath certainly has little to make him a good candidate for mayor: no experience and the backing of people like KC Carter and Paul Loomis.

They must feel their stand is to inherit a place at the back room table if they back Hiremath. The voters spoke and those "has beens" should have listened.

Please know that many people in this community would have really appreciated it, if only you had remained impartial.

Pat Kinsman, Oro Valley resident


A bonus for town workers, in these times?

Is Mayor Loomis out of his mind? And is Mary Snider right behind him? Why are they even considering a bonus for Town of Oro Valley employees?

And from the reserve fund to boot? I thought that fund was for emergencies. And I thought that the Town of Oro Valley was having serious budgetary constraints, so much so that the possibility of raising taxes has been a question posed to all candidates in the current election.

I'm not a niggardly person. I believe in a living wage, not a minimum wage, and a fair wage for the job performed. And equal pay for women and men who perform the same job.

To my knowledge, Town of Oro Valley employees are well compensated for their work. In addition, they receive a more than generous benefit package that is almost unheard of in this day and age.

Are citizens of Oro Valley aware that all town employees working 32 hours or more per week have their health insurance, dental insurance, and basic life insurance paid for 100 percent by the town? Or that the town pays for 75 percent of their dependent coverage as well? And for employees working 20 hours or more per week, the town picks up 50 percent of the entire cost? This is in addition to an also very generous sick leave, holiday and vacation package.

I worked for some generous companies and universities in my day, but I can't remember that I ever had my health benefits paid for in full by my employer. And I bet there are few institutions that do so now.

Perhaps the new mayor and town council should take a look at the escalating costs of those benefits when they make future budgetary decisions. But a bonus? Some people would say that they are fortunate to have a decent job.

Barbara Ansell, Oro Valley


McCain, Kyl: Too little, too late for Arizona

McCain and Kyl, too little, too late.

Now that their re-election time is approaching, McCain and Kyl have miraculously come up with solutions to the problems at the border. They have put their political heads together and come up with the answer — a 10-point solution to all the problems.

Unfortunately, someone has died as a result of their procrastination. Where have they been all these years?

McCain and Kyl, too little, too late. It's time for new blood.

Jacque Parker, Tucson


With new law, Dems fear loss of a constituency

The extremely vicious and visceral attacks by Democrats on SB1070 supporters is the result of fear that if something is actually done about illegal immigration, then a reliably Democrat constituency will shrink.

The illegal alien community, seen as victims by guilt-ridden Democrats, provides them something to angst over.

More importantly, illegal aliens are reliable Democrat voters. The risk is just too great for Democrats and so any attempt to further limit illegal immigration must to be stopped dead in its tracks.

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley


Boycott the boycotters

Sharing is good — remember Sesame Street? This "Zonan," so angry with boycotting of Arizona by out-of–state groups, is saying enough already. So let's share boycotting. Can't we share obvious fun of retribution through boycotts by stopping redistribution of Arizona taxpayer monies? We'll start local.

Northwest Fire District Wildland department's estimated budget is over $2 million. The Hotshots go all over, fighting forest fires allegedly paid from other state and federal funds. Northwest won't clarify expenses and overhead we pay the rest of the time. Personnel costs, buildings and equipment appear to be underwritten and subsidized with our monies.

Are we responsible for California and their fires with a $20 billion bankrupt budget? They can't pay their bills, federal funds are meager, so IOUs?

Northwest should boycott

bailing out irresponsible, fiscal-

betrayal, downtrodden Californians. Sanctimonious Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. can depend on the kindness of strangers.

Here's an idea: call Congressman Raul Grijalva and his La Raza minions, Reverend Al Sharpton or El Paso's "rent-a-bus-of-agitators." They can all hose something else for a change. We locals can't afford this expense.

Northwest's general fund and bond rates are going up because assessed values are falling, and they demand keeping current levy benchmark. General fund tax rate increases have no sunset clause so when values increase again your taxes will spiral.

A promise from Northwest can't be trusted anyway. Ten years ago they imposed an infamous vow of three-year-sunset-clause 19-cent tax to repay $1 million "very inappropriate debt" to the Pima County Treasurer. District personnel patently lied, kept tax hike, added taxes and literally wallow in monies. Their spending grandiosity, including for outside entities, is legendary.

Protest sending one dime of any local taxpayer monies or property in any support, contractual deals or aid to people who boycott our state.

Mary Schuh, Tucson


14-year-old toastmaster should be lauded

This is in response to Mr. Winfield's letter (May 12) expressing dismay that an "intelligent, well-spoken 14-year-old girl" in his Toastmasters club could have a different world-view than his own. In 1950s-style paranoia, his boogeyman is a public education system run by anti-American subversives (teachers).

First of all, the fact that a 14-year-old is participating in Toastmasters should be applauded and is a promising indicator as to the quality of her education.

Everyone, including 14-year-olds, have a right to their opinion. To assume she has been brainwashed by anti-American studies in school is a huge leap. Presumably, this girl has other influences in her life-parents, friends (perhaps other Toastmaster members), her own life experiences and something called the internet.

The American experience needs to be taught objectively. We undermine the integrity of our educational system by focusing solely on pro-American concepts while ignoring areas/episodes in which we've fallen short. There is more than one side to every story and we need our young people to be able to think critically and question authority. They are this country's future and our democracy depends on it.

Mr. Winfield's rant on public education is no more than a straw-man argument to attack Prop 100. He states that he is not getting his "money” worth. I disagree. In a state where education funding is near the bottom in the nation, he is getting a bargain!

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

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