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Letters to the Letters to the editor as published in the March 23, 2011 edition

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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 4:00 am

Twin Peaks assaults nearby residents

The Twin Peaks Road I-10 extension opened mid-November. It continues to be a benefit for motorists, enabling them to get from here to there more easily. But for homeowners living nearby, vehicles with their loud motors and glaring headlights continue to assault us, impacting on our yards and homes.

Early mornings as well as early evenings continuing into the night, long strings of car lights flood into our yards as well as into some of our homes via the glass doors. The road is elevated so that each vehicle lets us know its presence.

As a senior citizen, I relocated to this Arizona home to have my remaining years be comfortable. That could have easily been achieved if Kimberly Gale, in charge of this ADOT project, had only listened to my plea for a sound wall. I spoke with her on two occasions during the summer of 2010 to express the strong need for sound walls to run from our affected area to the overpass bridge. Her response was that there was no money available for that.

Homeowners residing along the wash were offered a new wall 15 feet high to replace the lower walls outside our backyards. This would compensate for the noise and traffic lights. With that height, all we would have been able to see would be a high cinderblock wall, straining our necks way back to look straight up at a slice of sky. So much for the beautiful mountain views we had sought in purchasing a home here. Obviously we voted the 15-foot wall proposal down. No other options were ever offered by ADOT.

I responded to Kimberly Gale’s statement that the money wasn’t to be had with the fact that the project came in way under budget. Also, the money that could have been used to erect the 15-foot walls could have been used for the sound wall to the bridge. Seven feet would have been sufficient and the problem would have been solved, but her response to the request remained no.

We are entitled to an environment not destroyed by loud noise and bright headlights. Sitting in my backyard is something that I can no longer enjoy. It’s too noisy from the traffic motors, especially from the motorcyclists and semis. Other areas in Pima County do have sound walls to protect the people from continuous nigh noise levels. Why don’t the homeowners living here so close to the interchange?


Sharon L. Schwartz, Continental Ranch, Marana


Melvin should better serve Pima County

I am appalled at the conduct of our State Sen. Al Melvin. His arrogance and total disregard for his constituents here in Southern Arizona is disgusting. Sen. Melvin not only voted for but also co-sponsored SB 1621, a budget reconciliation bill that provides funds to ensure the public safety of the citizens of Arizona that specifically excludes funds for use by Pima County.

These funds, specifically for Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement, were excluded as political payback to Sheriff Dupnik for his outspoken remarks concerning the tactics and vitriol used by our representatives in Phoenix. 

You voted against the interests of your constituents. Is this high school? What a petty reaction.

Can you not rise above the rhetoric and do what is right for those who elected you? Pima County needs funds for border enforcement no less than any other county. Pinal County gets $500,000, and they are not even on the border.

If you cannot represent the district’s citizens, perhaps we should begin the recall process for you as well.

Shame on you.


Jim Vavra, SaddleBrooke


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