Letters to the editor published in the August 26, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

We all need someone who knows 'no'

I read with great concern and interest the point, counterpoint between Dave Safier and Emil Franzi on the National Health Care push. At least there is somewhere in print in Arizona that we can see some attempt at balance. Thank you.

The framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights took great care to spend the time to examine both the actions and consequences of their deeds. When did it become an acceptable practice to abandon the simple act of examination? Did that happen at the same time our elected representatives said it was OK to not pay the bills? Or did it happen at the same time that those elected officials quit reading what they were voting on?

I am horrified and angered that the person I trusted to uphold the Constitution, represent me and the best interests of my district and know what the legislation says that she is voting on, seems to be more concerned with keeping political bosses happy. As a professional, if I betrayed my fiduciary duty in the same manner, I would be fired and prosecuted. The behavioral status quo of representatives seems less like representation and more like a group of drunken sailors spending money they don't have knowing they will sneak out the back door at closing time and leave the unaware host (the taxpayer) holding the tab.

It is time to assert our state's rights and to send someone to Washington, D.C., with a spine who is diligent in the discharge of his / her duties and who knows what the word "No" means. Quit spending what we don't have.

Mark Finchem, Oro Valley

Racist Cancer horoscope has no place in EXPLORER

I know that canned newspaper features are often cut-and-pasted into the paper with little editorial attention, but your current issue illustrates the dangers of such casual editing.

You should have taken a closer look at Minerva's Weekly Horoscope, in which the Cancer forecast advises readers to lighten up because they're "free, white and 21."

Such archaic racist language has no place in an otherwise fine weekly. Readers are entitled to an apology and a pledge of greater diligence in the future.


Bill Lynch, Oro Valley

We are sorry, and we pledge greater diligence moving forward. – DPP

Proud to be on Obama's enemies list


The shrill stridency and hatefulness with which Pelosi and Co., are attacking anyone with the temerity to dare question their infinite wisdom on the radicalization of U.S. healthcare (in their minds, anyway) is chilling to say the least.

They have zero rational, intellectual or otherwise thoughtful response to the legitimate questions and to the peaceful and lawful expressions of political speech by those who disagree with them, and have only engaged in hateful name calling in response.

The Democrat response shows clear desperation, childishness, and complete intellectual bankruptcy.

The citizens of CD8 have a constitutionally guaranteed right to meet with the current representative to discuss their concerns over the radicalization of US healthcare. The fact that she won't meet with those who oppose her is also quite chilling, and revealing of an ego and arrogance that has no place in politics.

As one who is strongly opposed to ObamaCare, or any other federal healthcare plan, I have expressed my concerns in writing to both the CD8 representative and to flag@whitehouse.gov.  I am proud to be on Obama's Enemies List.

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley

Giffords may be showing her true colors

Representative Giffords doesn't understand that the healthcare protesters see healthcare as a vessel. The real argument is about the role of government in our society.

Rep. Giffords, like President Obama, has waxed poetic about the proper restrained role of an active government; however, she, like the president cannot help herself when the opportunity to expand government, increase spending and interfere with our lives arises.

A word of advice for Rep. Giffords: Practice what you preach. Vote consistently for limited government. Don't get trapped being called at best a flip-flop or at worst a Pelosi-style, big spender.

I have seen more and more bumper stickers that say "Who is Jesse Kelly." If you'd like to keep your seat, I'd suggest moving away from the left. The perception is beginning to grow that you are just now showing your true colors.

Adam Kwasman, Tucson

We're upset, because you mimimalize us

Yeah, we're upset.

So we are noisy. Unruly. We are showing up in droves. We, The People are upset. And here is why.

We're upset because you marginalize us. We're upset because you minimalize us.

We're upset because you try to pretend we are not here by either not covering our voices at all (Do you hear me, CBS, ABC, NBC?), or else explaining us away as "mobs" or "paid-for" protestors. So we feel that we must grow louder, and larger.

We're upset because we feel that our concerns are not being taken seriously. Maybe you thought we would never get organized so that our collective voices could be heard. But we did. And we did it ourselves.

When our concerns fall on deaf ears, we feel disrespected. We are American citizens, just like you. We are human beings, just like you. We deserve to be heard in this form of government, and we get upset when we are not.

Do you want to know how to quell the uprisings being noticed at town hall meetings? Ms. Giffords, are you listening? Mr. Grijalva? Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, Mr. Obama, are you listening? It is real simple: listen to us. Do not continue to pretend that we lack the ability to understand what you are selling and doing to our country. We know when we are being sold a bill of goods. We are much smarter and better informed than you think.

We may be mere serfs to you, but we are citizens of the greatest bastion of freedom and liberty in the history of mankind. As they say, you can fool some of the people some of the time – and you have. Well, unfortunately for your agenda, you cannot fool all the people all the time. This jig is up.

Do not come to us and tell us what you are going to do. Remember that you represent us — all of us.

If you listen to us, you will hear opposition to things sacred to you. So rather than toe the party line, why not discuss our concerns rather than pretend that we are irrelevant? Ignore us at your political peril. We will be heard … one way or the other. Listen to us now, or hear us very clearly next November and in 2012.

Very truly yours,

Don Winfield, Marana

They've taken steps toward healthy hearts

Dear editor,

This letter is in response to a letter to the editor written by Sue Pershon on July 29th. I am the director of the Foundation for Cardiovascular Health, Heart series.

I am so proud of Sue's courage, and determination to confront her frightening experience of heart disease and doing something positive about it. Sue joins the ranks of hundreds of people of all walks of life who have been afflicted with heart disease that have joined the heart disease reversal program. Charles Katzenberg, MD, a preventive cardiologist and Edna Silva, RN, created the program 15 years ago. Sue said in her article, "I would recommend this program from the bottom of my heart to anyone who experiences heart disease."

Like many people who have heart disease, she originally had negative thoughts about both she and her husband's condition, but she took a positive approach to not just live with heart disease, but also do something about it. She followed the program that her husband was taking — the heart disease reversal program. The program guided her to eat heart-healthy food, proper exercise, do Tai Chi, yoga and learn meditation techniques. Sue was also very appreciative of the support of the participants and was encouraged to realize that negative life experiences can be changed to positive ones.

Many of the participants in the program, like Sue and her husband, also suffered various degrees of heart ailments. Some participants didn't have coronary artery disease, or heart problems. They may have been overweight, had diabetes or they were concerned about having high cholesterol. They may not have been able to handle stress well, or have a spouse or a family member with heart disease. Some participants joined the program because they heard great things about it and simple wanted to get on the road to a healthier lifestyle and a happier quality of life.

The next 12-week programs will be offered Sept. 8 on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. and Sept. 9 on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 4 p.m. For more information please call me, Richard (Richy) D. Feinberg, at 797-2281.

Richy Feinberg, Marana

RTA has not been truthful on funds, work

Of course Gary Hayes, RTA executive director, would object to anyone who challenges his integrity. But facts are facts — he and his supporters have lied to and deceived the public on RTA revenues and costs since day one.

They grossly overstated projected revenues (sales tax receipts are down 18 percent) and grossly understated costs (no bond interest, no annual operations and maintenance costs, nor costs for relocating utilities were included); amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Nor have RTA-related project environmental assessments included these costs as economic impacts to the community.

The Metro Water line relocations costs would not be incurred except for the RTA projects. The county position is you do whatever we demand and you pay the costs. Metro Water's estimated costs for their eight RTA projects in the next seven years is about $16 million-$24 million. Other utilities, e.g., Tucson Water, have buried their RTA costs in their budgets, so we'll never know the true costs of RTA projects. We are being forced to pay millions of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Apparently, the Public Safety First Initiative folks in Tucson borrowed plays from the RTA True Lies Playbook. Our local Realtors, developers, and police and fire unions want to force the City of Tucson to hire hundreds more firefighters and police officers. City officials estimate it will cost them (taxpayers) about $50 million per year in salaries, training, equipment, and support facilities.

County Administrator Huckelberry estimates another $91 million per year in costs to the county in the form of prosecutors, public defenders, jails, etc. All county residents will pay these costs through higher property taxes and fees, and increased prices to consumers passed on by businesses.

Actions (your votes) lead to consequences (higher taxes and fees, increased consumer prices, and less money for you to spend). Governments are now bankrupt for all practical purposes, in part due to all of the well-intentioned but misguided do-gooders around. Encourage all Tucson voters to vote No/Against the PSFI.

Tom Sander, Pima County

Don't ruin the United States; just give it back to the people

In "Inflaming the angry mobs," Mr. Safier says he knows what the protesters mean with the sign "We want our country back." As someone who agrees with this sign, I find Mr. Safier's psychoanalysis and ad hominem attack to be profoundly insulting.

Unlike the prescient Mr. Safier, I can't look into other people's motives. Therefore, I can only speak for myself. For Mr. Safier's benefit, here's what I mean when I say I want my country back.

I want leaders who love what America has traditionally stood for, and honor and respect the original intent and genius of our Founding Fathers.

This includes a limited, small government that promotes personal freedom; respect for contract law, personal property, personal liberty and responsibility; prudent spending of our tax dollars; not creating debt for each of us that will dramatically reduce our standard of living and destroy much of what we worked so hard to produce; respect for the right of an individual to petition the government without having another citizen turn them in to a list at the White House; not turning American against American by finding villains to blame for our problems ("greedy Big Oil," "greedy Big Pharma," "the greedy insurance industry", etc.); not fomenting class warfare; and, an understanding and respect for free enterprise and how its greatest proponent and user, the United States, has done more than any country in the world to lift more people out of poverty and give them more liberty, dignity and respect than any country on the face of the earth, ever.

The United States has been the greatest country in the world, and we have been blessed to live here. The reason I want my country back is that, not only doesn't the Obama administration believe the things that America has traditionally stood for that I outlined above, but it finds traditional America greatly deficient, and wants to destroy it.

If Obama and his political allies don't like America, they should have the decency not to ruin it for the rest of us — just give it back.

Chuck Bolotin, Oro Valley

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