GOVAC music good, but where’s the coffee?

I agree with your general appraisal of the GOVAC Spring Festival; I particularly enjoyed several of the musical attractions.

Your editorial mentioned a few “wrinkles” that should be smoothed out  next time. One is the lack of any place to buy a cup of coffee, at least on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons when I attended. I was about to settle for lemonade until the vendor told me the price was $5!

Allen VanCranebrock

Casas Adobes

Councilman hasn’t seen a tax he dislikes

Don Cox tells us that councilman Terry Parish has given Oro Valley residents what they want. He didn’t mention what else Parish has given us.

He was a prime mover in creating the utility tax we now pay. In fact he wanted it to be twice the amount  the town council ultimately approved.

He has been a proponent of creating a city property tax and supported the extravagance of the Naranja park site to the maximum projected cost, which would place an unreasonable burden on the homeowners of Oro Valley.

As councilman, Parish has not seen a tax he didn’t want to create or raise. It’s time to have council members that understand the meaning of fiscal responsibility.

Phil Stufflebean

Oro Valley

OV’s Coyote Run a perfect way to ride

Congrats on your new expanded Explorer. Being a newcomer to Arizona, it affords me a lot of information about the latest happenings in beautiful Oro Valley.

Due to eye problems I can no longer drive. Someone kindly told me about Coyote Run. It’s a transit service in Oro Valley. They pick you up right at your door and take you to your destination, and pick you up for the return home.

This service has been a perfect means of transportation. The people in the office are very helpful and most courteous. They are also equipped for the handicapped.

It would be very beneficial if you get the word out on their great service.

Very truly yours,

Yolanda Mancini

Oro Valley

Cox lost for same reasons terry struggles

This is in response to Don Cox’s comments regarding Terry Parish.

How ironic is it that Don Cox would so strongly support Terry Parish. Mr. Cox lost his run on the Town Council for the same reasons Mr. Parish is struggling to keep his. They both have very close ties to local builders and received ample funds for their election bid from said builders.

Mr. Parish may have been instrumental in bringing retail and dining opportunities to Oro Valley, just not the kind that was desired. Fast food restaurants and big box stores are not what this community needed.

Personally, I feel Mr. Parish’s dual positions as a Pima County sheriff’s deputy and council member presents a conflict of interest, especially by receiving substantial outside financial support.

Mr. Cox should be careful about who he supports: his name associated with anyone running for local office is a sure bet vote for the opponent.

Patti Clemente


How much does Terry need in order to win?

On Tuesday, April 8th, a fundraiser for Oro Valley Town Council candidate Terry Parish was held at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson. The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA) was the sponsor. The Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR) sent out notices for the fundraiser. The cost was a suggested $50 to $100.

The TAR Newsletter said, “This type of election is usually over in the first ten days. That is why it is so important to get Terry the resources to get his message out as quickly as possible.”

In the primary election, Parish raised over $33,000 from out-of-town developers and related businesses (only four donations came from Oro Valley residents) far outspending all of the other candidates combined. Oro Valley voters have to ask themselves, how much money does Parish need to succeed? Why didn’t SAHBA hold the fundraiser in Oro Valley?  Why are Realtors and home builders so anxious to have Parish elected? Could it be that he votes for their interests and not for the interests of Oro Valley citizens?

Phil Gibbs

Oro Valley

The ‘anti’s’ lost their court battle over Phoenix funds

For several years the “anti-“ people have hammered the Town of Oro Valley over the Economic Development Agreements they signed with various developers to include The Oro Valley Marketplace. The cornerstone of their anti-ness was that such development agreements are illegal under the Arizona constitution.

Their “savior” in this argument has been the Goldwater Institute, a bi-partisan group out of Phoenix, and their “Sir Lancelot” has been an attorney named Clint Bolick. Bolick has clearly stated on several occasions that Oro Valley was in violation of the Arizona constitution and when the smoke clears the EDA(s) will be found to be unconstitutional. Some locals have consumed that Kool-Aid with great delight.

Since there has never been a challenge to the incentive language, many, including yours truly, have taken the position that until case law so indicates, the incentives are not only legal but can be very beneficial to the community also.

Recently the Goldwater Institute finally found a cause (and probably a well-financed anti- person to pay legal fees) and filed suit against the City of Phoenix for a $97 million tax incentive agreement it entered into.

The court issued its ruling on April 2, 2008, stating, in short, that the tax incentive is not a violation of the Arizona Constitution. Without a doubt it will be appealed and there still exists a possibility the Arizona Court of Appeals will issue another of its “where did that come from” rulings and overturn the lower court.

Until then, maybe the anti’s will finally give up on that front and allow Oro Valley to develop economically in an orderly manner and stop their repeated attempts to block every commercial  enterprise that wishes to assist us in making Oro Valley a great place to live, work and play … and shop.

Don Cox

Oro Valley

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