Not happy with Voices in Explorer

I’m to the point of feeling your paper and your biased views aren’t worth the trouble of bending over to pick up from my driveway anymore.

The final insult to my common sense was the chimichanga letter that somehow led to negative remarks about the governor. And of course this phantom writer from Florida has no idea what political party the governor belongs to. I don’t believe the letter is real and even if it had been, your paper shows bias and poor taste by printing it.

Larry Andrade, Marana

My take on the occupy movement

I think the main reason for the Occupy movement is to make people aware of the inequalities in this country. For example: Many people, especially those who are comfortable, don’t even know (or care) about such things as the fact that some extremely wealthy people can avoid paying income  taxes using strategies under IRS rules: variable prepaid forward contracts, allowing them to collect huge amounts of cash with no tax implications. We can thank Congress for allowing this and with the Republicans controlling the House, there is little chance of change. I think this is outrageous. Of course, some of us understand that because  President Obama wants to collect more taxes from these 1 percenters it is automatically not even considered. I think he would have opposition if he came out in favor of motherhood and apple pie. 

The Occupiers, even though they are not all perfect, are trying to make  people THINK. Then, hopefully, they will vote. But am I being cynical to think that anyone who is voted in will be any different, as long as he or she is financed by big business?


Barbara Martucci , Oro Valley

Occupy movement is important

The Occupy Movement is a wake-up call to the rest of us 99 percenters who have played by the rules and lost while the 1 percent and their minions — banks, corporations, and politicians have stolen the American Dream and are systematically destroying the middle class.

It is sad, but many folks I know found a Bizarro cartoon all too apt: a picture of a voting booth, with a sign over it reading, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

It was sit-down strikes in the auto and rubber plants in the 1930s that created the modern labor movement, which was an effective method of redistributing the wealth and building a middle class of homeowners with cars that could send their kids to school.

It was sit-ins at Woolworth and other places in the segregated south in the 1960s that broke the back of Jim Crow.

Occupy Wall Street, and Occupy Tucson, and Occupy every place ordinary people are hurting, sends the same message - that things will not change unless and until we demand that change, and are willing to put ourselves on the line to achieve it.

So, I say, Right On! Occupiers. You are carrying on a powerful and respected American tradition.

Now we need to see candidates emerge who are willing to take the struggle into the legislative chambers.

Albert Lannon, Tucson

Where is the Good Samaritan of Oro Valley?

This time of year can bring out the warm fuzzies in some folks, but as we saw and heard last week on Black Friday it can bring out the worst, too.

Christmas is the season of giving but now has become the reason to grab and be oblivious to those around us.

Greed and selfishness are rearing its ugly head even in our affluent and growing town.  We’ve watched our friendly community blossom, yet experience the negative influences of shoplifting, robbery, drug use, and more. A tale to pull on your heartstrings follows.

Last week, I spoke with a friend who suffered an unfortunate fall at Oro Valley Market Place.  On the strip near the Dick’s Sporting store, she fell unexpectedly.   This person is athletic and conscientious.  She laid on the ground in pain injuring her elbow, and dealing with a fair amount of blood loss.  To her horror, as time passed, not one person came to her aid.  I was particularly interested about this since I live with a disability and fear that I, myself would take a fall and no one would come to my aid.  It was discouraging to listen as she continued with her tale and luckily was able to get herself up and get to her vehicle and drive to the emergency room for stitches.

She has healed physically, but the emotional effects have lingered.

The time to offer assistance or to even ask a store to call 911 did not occur to the fellow shoppers.  I have seen more courtesy to animals.

Where was the Good Samaritan?  He has no time.  Or he fears being blamed.

But, he can be anonymous today, and feel the joy of being justified.  I hope that hearing a story such as this will have an impact on our community and that people will be more observant, lend a hand where needed and remember that this spirit of Christmas should be year round.


Carol Hunter , Oro Valley

Cartoon left out current president

The editorial cartoon in the Nov. 30 issue of the Explorer was not only bias against Republicans but also a put down of intelligent Conservative women everywhere.  Seems like all Democrats are afraid of any Conservative women who accomplished more in their lives than they could ever dream of themselves.  Looks like the Explorer has a new slant, one that will surely cost them many readers.  Why wasn’t a picture of our current president added to this?  I would suggest a big, empty void between those two extra large ears.  That would have evened things out, don’t you think?


Frank C. Sapone, Oro Valley

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My take on the occupy movement
Barbara Martucci , Oro Valley

Barbara - Sorry, but how in your right mind can you point out Republicans as the reason we have some of the IRS loopholes, etc.

Reality is, everyone in this country needs to pull their collective heads out of their partisan beliefs and understand that ALL POLITICIANS, regardless of party, are to blame for the situation we are in.

Who put the loopholes you talk about in the tax code? Who makes it possible for Wall Street Executives to lobby and take advantage of our gov't? Who allows all of this to go on and then stands on a pedestal and preaches to us about the very thing that they do when we aren't looking?

Go ahead, prove to everyone in this country that it is JUST Republicans. Until we change out those people, nothing will ever change.

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