Questioning Northwest Fire’s tax rate

With annexation-area citizens telling Northwest Fire District they don’t want any part of them, here’s a question. Have they discovered NWFD information is not being updated, highlighted or checked for accuracy?

In Alan Petrillo’s article, “MVFD to cease service in annexation areas,” Aug. 10, 2011, to tell the public NWFD tax rate is $2.46 per $100 assessed valuation* is less than accurate. The total 2011-12 tax rate is $2.7109.

County documents state this is total increase of 14.95 percent. Welcome to the real world of NWFD. Why? Because union reps complained “their lifestyles” were changing. Their lifestyles? They demonstrate hypocrisy collecting food because people in these hard times are having to swallow their pride and adapt to a hard lifestyle change and get food bank supplies.

A real lifestyle change is having no job or income, no less health care, vacation time, free college education, or opportunities for extraordinary income. There’s no tax paid on gasoline for a Rover vehicle or gaudy Suburban or luncheons or during meetings; without meetings no one could justify existence at NWFD.

Raising taxes during hard times is a real game changer to the unemployed, elderly and young but the waste and fiscal irresponsibility is laughed off and unchallenged by the elected officials or administrators. The finance officer told the Governing Board he needs the $6 million rollover for potential budget overspending and deficit.

Are anti-annexation people on to something? Maybe NWFD taxpayers should look a little closer at NWFD and elected officials?

Mary Schuh, Northwest Tucson

* Editor’s note: When The Explorer went to press with the story, the NWFD tax rate was $2.46 per $100 assesses valuation. The Board of Supervisors had not established the tax rate for the 2011-12 year at that time.

As of their meeting on Aug. 15, the county board approved the NWFD tax rate at $2.71.

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