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  • Police Beat

    No knives on campusOne Canyon Del Oro High School student not only made the mistake of bringing knives on campus, but he also decided to sneak into a restricted zone during a school assembly, drawing attention of the school resource officers and campus administration.On Friday, Jan. 27 around 10:30 a.m. an Oro Valley Police Department SRO was working at the high school was notified by security that a male student had been found on the school’s softball field, and admitted to having two knives in his possession. Security discovered the young man and a young woman hanging out inside the field press box.While walking back onto campus, the male student informed the security officer that he had two knives in his possession: a folding knife in his pocket and a “credit card knife” in his jacket pocket. With that information, security immediately notified the SRO.While in the office the student asked, “If I have a C02 BB gun in my car on the floorboard, will that be a problem as well?”After checking the vehicle, a BB gun and another fixed-blade knife were discovered in the car, though not collected as evidence because they were in a secured vehicle.

  • Police Beat: Feb. 1

    Mystery of the open doorOne woman returned to her Oro Valley home to find the door ajar and the residence tossed around, though she was lucky in that nothing of value was missing.Coming home from visiting her mother just after the lunch hour on Monday, Jan. 16, a woman noticed that the deadbolt was visible and the door was left open. She told responding officers that she walked around the corner into her kitchen, and noticed that several of the drawers and cabinets had been pulled open as well, an action for which her family was not responsible. The woman said that she immediately went to her master bedroom to check for her stash of cash and notified authorities after everything was found in its place.Oro Valley Police Department’s officers responding to the scene conducted a search of the house, and upon negative results asked the woman if there would be any reason she, or her husband, would be targeted for any reason. Discovering none, officers asked the woman to keep them updated on any developments.The mystery of the open door remains.

  • Police Beat: Jan. 25

    Loco-MotiveOne man’s demeanor gave two minors a fright as he followed them into a local convenience store, though it was the man’s sticky fingers that alerted authorities and led to his arrest.On Jan. 1 around midday two minors were playing in a wash near their house adjacent to Oracle Road when they saw “an Indian male with long black hair and wearing a black hoodie” coming their way. As they indicated to responding Oro Valley Police Department officers, they felt nervous and decided to begin walking away from the man towards a nearby Circle K. As they approached the establishment, one child said the man began running towards them.The youth made it into the convenience store and told employees that a man was chasing after them. The manager of the store hid the two children in the “beer cave” as the man walked in. The suspect also made his way into the same room, and the manager moved the youths to another cooler. Not able to find the two children, the man reportedly grabbed a Four Loko malt liquor and made his way out of the store.Once the children’s mother arrived she told officers that she recognized the man, and that she had seen him watching the kids’ football practice. Several witnesses corroborated the story the children told the officer and with video surveillance in-hand the officers arrested the man for shoplifting.

  • Police Dispatch: Dec. 21

    Weaving on the roadway leads to DUI arrestOne driver’s inability to maintain his proper lane led to an officer with the Oro Valley Police Department initiating a traffic stop and discovering an intoxicated man behind the wheel.Just before 2 a.m. the morning of Sunday, Dec. 4 a silver Nissan traveling northbound on North Oracle Road caught the attention of an OVPD officer working as part of the DUI task force. Just south of West Magee Road the officer noticed the vehicle drifting several times into both adjacent lanes. The officer initiated the stop at East Hardy Road.Upon making contact with the driver, the officer indicated in his report that the man behind the wheel had “red, watery and bloodshot eyes” and suffered from slow speech and a flush face. The officer also indicated that the odor of intoxicants emanated from the vehicle. Furthermore, the officer soon learned that the man was driving without his license, which was issued in Mexico. The officer also learned that the vehicle did not belong to the driver, but instead to the man sitting in the passenger seat.After running the driver through several field sobriety tests which further indicated potential intoxication, the officer conducted a preliminary breath test and received a reading of .128 blood alcohol content.The man was then placed under arrest for DUI and driving on a suspended license, underwent a blood draw and was later released to the owner of the vehicle – who gave no indication of having drank alcohol after tests were run.

  • Police Beat: Dec. 14

    Date night gone badThe Pima County Sherriff’s Department was called to deal with one man’s serious dissatisfaction with food service after he tried to skip out on paying his bill.The night of Monday, Nov. 28, PCSD deputies responded to Mr. An’s Japanese Restaurant just after 9 p.m. when an employee reported a disturbed customer – possibly on drugs – making a scene in the establishment. The complainant stated that the man was telling employees how to do their jobs and loudly arguing with the owner outside of the restaurant.Upon arrival deputies made contact with the complainant, and at the same time the man in question approached authorities. Deputies were informed that the man has earlier entered the restaurant with a female, who was later identified as the man’s girlfriend, and ordered an appetizer, two entrees, two drinks and a bottle of wine. During the service, the man was allegedly so rude that the restaurant was forced to replace the server working the table.After the management tried to comp the man’s bottle of wine, he grew more irate and continued to complain, the deputy indicated in his report. After a trip to the bathroom, the man allegedly left the restaurant – and his nearly $100 bill.

  • Police Beat: Dec. 7

    When crime doesn’t payAn officer, who responded to a detained shoplifter at Kohls, 7785 N. Oracle Road, was told by an employee that a female was seen on a security camera taking off a security tag from a jewelry item.The detained shoplifter was them seen trying to take off the packaging, but wasn’t able, so she put the package back. Then the “shopper” went on to five candles, took off the barcodes and put the candles in her purse. Next on the list was a Nike tank top and sweater. She went into the fitting room, but exited with the sweater in her hand, which she returned.Outside the store she was confronted by security and in the security office, the tank top was discovered on her, but under her clothes. She admitted she stole the candles and the tank top.The reporting offer read her rights, then she told the offer that she came into the store intending to buy the candles for Thanksgiving decorations, but decided because they cost more than she could afford, she’d take them. She put the tank top on when she went into the fitting room and tore the tag off. She admitted she intended to steal these items. 

  • Police Beat: Drilled for bad behavior

    One man failed to keep his temper under control while trying to return some goods to a local Home Depot, warranting intervention from the Oro Valley Police Department.Just before noon on Monday, Oct. 3, the manager of Home Depot in Oro Valley informed OVPD of an irate man refusing to leave the store, advising the dispatcher that the individual reportedly “became belligerent” when the manager of the store refused to take back two handheld drills.According to the police report, when officers arrived they were informed that the man ran out of the store and entered into a smile white sedan. One officer noted in his report that “as they were saying this, a white sedan passed me” heading in the same direction indicated by dispatch.After following the vehicle the officer initiated a stop, and was able to positively identify the man based on a description given by the store manager. In the report the officer indicated that after making contact with the man, he “could see there were [two] Dewalt drills on the passenger seat in plain view.”When asked if the man had recently left Home Depot he reportedly told the officer that he had been to a nearby Taco Bell. When pressed further, the man continued to deny being at Home Depot.Upon providing his identification, the officer noted in his report that during the stop the man had a “nasty attitude,” and “kept hanging his arms outside of the car.”

  • Police Beat: Concerned citizen calls in dreadful driver

    The actions of one area resident led to the arrest of a drunk driver with a serious case of heavy foot.On Wednesday, Oct. 5 around 7 p.m., an OVPD officer was dispatched on a call regarding a vehicle traveling northbound on North Oracle Road near West Magee Road seen by another driver switching lanes erratically and swerving, A second call received a short time later informed police that the vehicle was then seen pulling into a nearby Circle K.Upon arriving in the area the officer noted in his report that he observed a vehicle matching a previously given description leaving the convenience store, and was able to follow the driver, heading northbound at West Calle Concordia.In a fully marked police Tahoe, the officer reported pacing the vehicle at 62 miles per hour before it fluctuated in speed and began “weaving within its lane.” The officer indicated he observed the vehicle cross over the lane hash lines on two separate occasions before conducting a traffic stop near North First Avenue. After making contact and identifying the driver, who had a sole additional occupant within the vehicle, the driver indicated to the officer that he did not know what the posted speed limit was in the area and had no mechanical issues with his vehicle. While interacting with the driver the officer indicated in his report that he did “observe a slight odor of intoxicants emanating from the vehicle.” Additionally, the officer indicated that the driver’s movements “were slow and deliberate as he attempted to locate the requested documents from his glove compartment.” The officer also noted that the man’s speech “appeared slow and mumbled at times,” that his eyes were “red, watery and bloodshot” and that he had a “flushed face.”

  • Police Beat: Employee caught with sticky fingers

    One department store employee wasn’t as sneaky as he thought while pursuing his own employer for items to shoplift, landing himself in custody.An officer from OVPD was dispatched to a call to a local Kohl’s department store just after 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 6 in reference to an employee caught stealing items from the store when he was caught on-camera by loss prevention.Arriving on scene, the officer was brought to the store’s back room to speak with the employee in-question. After being Mirandized the man admitted to going into the store with the intent to shop for some items. Upon arrival, the man told the officer that he took a pair of headphones valued at $49.99 off of the display and removed them from the box before placing them in his pocket before placing the open container in a towel display. After shopping and paying for some other items, the man reportedly walked past all of the points of sale with the earphones still hidden away.After being pressed further on the matter the man admitted to having previously stolen items from the department store – totaling about $126 in merchandise. The man was cited and released for criminal damage and shoplifting and verbally told he was trespassed from store.

  • Shoplifter snags a pair

    One man described as “thuggish” was able to get away with a pair of shoes from a local mall, according to reports.A deputy from the Pima County Sherriff’s Department responded to a call just after noon on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at The Foothills Mall after a man had reportedly left the store with a pair of size-nine shoes valued at a total of $84.03.After responding to the PUMA store a PCSD deputy spoke with a store employee who described a Hispanic male in his mid thirties who had earlier been in the store. According to the report he was fairly clean shaven, six feet tall, of medium build with a tattoo on the right side of his brow and a large tattoo on the left side of his neck. The employee said what drew her attention to the man was a clicking noise she heard; indicative of a security tagged being removed from a pair of shoes. The employee told the deputy that she looked around the corner to find the man – described as talking “ghetto” or “thuggish.”When the employee approached the man, he asked her about a size 13 shoe and asked if there were more in the back. After being told that no shoes were located elsewhere, the man thanked the employee for her time. According to the report, the employee indicated to the deputy that she noticed a bulge in the man’s belt line, and that he was sucking in his stomach. The man reportedly asked about a second pair of shoes and when asked if he would like to try them on, said he would not. According to the deputy’s report, the man turned to quickly leave the store when a metal part of the security clip fell to the ground. After he quickly left the store the employee located a nearby empty shoebox.

  • Police Beat

    Stolen sunglasses land wanted man in jailOne man’s attempt to steal a pair of sunglasses from a kiosk was caught on security camera, leading to his arrest by the Pima County Sherriff’s Department. Just before 8:00 p.m. the night of Friday, Oct. 7 an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working at The Foothills Mall received a call over the radio from the security office advising of suspicious activity at a sunglasses kiosk.  A security guard had reportedly noticed through security footage a man placing a pair of sunglasses   in his backpack. As the deputy was receiving the information, the suspect walked past the mall’s security supervisor, another guard and the deputy, who began to follow. According to the report, the man ducked into a nearby men’s room and was met by the deputy and security upon exiting.Once questioned, the man immediately copped to his wrongdoing and said he ditched the glasses in the bathroom when he saw that he was being followed. One of the security guards entered the restroom and retrieved the glasses – which still had the $12 price tag. The man apologized for his crime and asked to not be arrested. A subsequent check for wants and warrants revealed two outstanding Failure to Appear warrants. The man was taken into custody for one count of shoplifting and the two outstanding warrants for violating a promise to appear, each a class 2 misdemeanor. 

  • Police Beat

    Soda thief doesn’t make it farDeputies with the Pima County Sherriff’s Department responded to a call regarding a shoplifter at a northwest side Circle K, finding an irate man who was later booked on a charge of misdemeanor theft.Responding to a call around 3:30 a.m. the morning of Monday, Oct. 3, deputies from PCSD received information that “an African American male, last seen wearing a white T-shirt” had reportedly stolen a soda and another unknown object from a Circle K convenience store in Northwest Tucson. According to the report, the man was still seen behind the property dumpsters.Deputies arriving on-scene noted in their reports that a male with “a dark complexion” in a white shirt was sitting on the sidewalk behind the dumpsters eating food – with a Thirstbuster sitting next to him.  After making contact with and identifying the man, one deputy noted in his report that there was “a moderate odor of intoxicants” and that he had “red, watery, bloodshot eyes and a slow, delayed speech.”The man was identified on security footage by one of the deputies with the help of the store clerk, though the man was on scene on-tape holding a Thirstbuster as he left the store. The clerk did say she saw the man holding something under his other arm, though she could not identify what it had been.Within a backpack the man was carrying and his other possessions, deputies also found four cold beers, salads similar to those sold within the store and some personal items. The clerk was unsure if the other items had come from the store.

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