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The new Arizona Stadium.

Arizona Athletics

The University of Arizona football team began its week with a two-hour morning practice in Arizona Stadium on Monday.

Under warm conditions, the Wildcats were dressed in shells, shorts and helmets. The workout repeated much of the usual routine of individual, group and team drills.

Also present was the Pac-12 crew making their stop at Arizona Stadium for the Pac-12 fall camp tour. The football training camp show will showcase Arizona Football on the Pac-12 Network on Thursday, August 16 at 7 p.m. PT.

Following the practice, head coach Rich Rodriguez and Linebacker Jake Fischer were available for media. Below are some of their comments.

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Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

On quarterback Nick Isham:

“He studies and knows what we’re doing. He’s really conscientious. He’s got some skills. I wish he was taller and so does he but he can’t control that. What he has got to do is be the guy that knows exactly what we want and be able to execute.”

On two-back set with Daniel Jenkins and Ka’Deem Carey:

“That was a set we really liked a lot in the past. We did it some last year. I think with those two, it would be a pretty good set. We have Daniel Jenkins and Ka’Deem Carey. He’ll probably play wide receiver too. We’ll split him out and move him around a bit. We just want to try to get the best 11 on the field. With Daniel Jenkins and Ka’Deem Carey they’re two of our best 11. We’re playing with them out wide and in tight. “

On definite position for players:

“Most of the veterans that have come back have gotten better, particularly defensively. We’re mix and matching the players up front on offense to find the best five. That may be an ongoing process. That’s kind of like the quarterback position. It could take the first couple of games to figure that out. We’re trying to get the best five and hopefully a best eight. I would like to have a best eight because you have your five starters and a back-up guard, center and tackle.”

Linebacker Jake Fischer

On depth at linebacker:

“We are developing some of the young guys. They’re really coming along. Some of the guys that played last year are making huge strides. The new guys came in and they might be able to play this year.”

On group improvement at linebacker position:

“It’s like night and day. We know what we’re doing now and what to expect from this defense. We know all of the ins and outs. We’re starting to develop depth, so if we go a game that we have to play 100 plays we won’t do it as one group. We’re going to have two or three guys that we can have in. We will be a lot better.”

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