TUCSON, Ariz. – The University of Arizona football team completed its second practice of preseason camp with a two-hour workout at Kindall Field/Sancet Stadium on Sunday evening. The Wildcats again dressed in shorts and helmets.

Below are post-practice comments from head coach Rich Rodriguez and senior receiver Terrence Miller.

Rich Rodriguez

On evaluating quarterbacks:

“Coaching quarterbacks for 28 years has given me a pretty good idea of what to do. We know what we want. It’s pretty simple, either you can execute the plays and the offense or you can’t. That’s how we pick who plays all positions. If you can execute the position, and obviously quarterback is a lot of execution, you’ll play. If you can’t, you won’t.”

On the quarterback battle:

“We have a lot of bodies there and I think they have talent, but talent is a relative term. There’s physical talent and there’s mental talent. I do think there are some capabilities there. This is the second day of practice; I’m not worried about it. I don’t have to pick a starter for another month.”

On the adjustments of the newcomers:

“The hardest part for any freshman is the mental part. We are purposely having two periods a day devoted to rookies to force them to learn a little faster. Because sometimes, as much as we want them to learn by watching, you learn a lot better by getting reps. Today we went about 10 minutes with just rookies. There are some guys that are pretty talented, but we’ll see how quickly they pick it up. Right now all their heads are spinning.”

On the depth at linebacker:

“I like it a lot better than last year. In 20-some years of coaching I’ve never been as thin as we were at linebacker last year. Now the depth is mostly freshmen or young guys, but I certainly think we have a little more size and the ability to play more people.”

Terrence Miller

On the quarterback play:

“I’m really confident in our quarterbacks. They’ve been working their butts off to try to get this right. It’s just the second day of camp, so nobody is supposed to perfect yet; we’re just working toward progress.”

On the young wide receivers:

“I’ve been impressed by their work ethic. Those guys can pick up the offense and work as hard as they can, that’s all you can do as a receiver, just make sure you’re running until the whistle blows, keep your routes crisp and keep the quarterbacks’ confidence up by catching every ball. With Trey [Griffey], I like his athleticism. He has this natural athleticism and he can do a lot of things. Clive [Georges] has this ridiculous speed. He’s very illusive. Both of those guys have a lot of talents that a lot of guys don’t have naturally.”

On the reduced depth at wide receiver due to injury:

“It’s become a little bit thinner, but with the amount of people we have, we should be able to handle the load. Everyone has to step up. When one guy goes down the next guy has to step up and learn his job and learn to perfect his craft. Hopefully he goes from playing like a second string guy to practicing and preparing like a starter would so that when Saturdays come around he’s ready to contribute to the team just like everyone else.”

The Wildcats will continue preseason camp tomorrow evening.

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