CDO's incredible 14-0 season was capped off by an impressive 40-0 win over conference rival Sabino in the state championship game.


Ka'Deem Carey was rightfully given a lot of credit for the title win, as the junior was the area's leading rusher, and also broke the school record for career touchdowns, even though he still has a year left.


Carey gets another shot at a state title next year, but he was really happy to win it this year.


"I'm happy we won with this group," Carey said. "(Josh) Robbins, (Jared) Tevis, my O-line."


The Dorados had a very impressive group of seniors, led by Tevis and Robbins.


Quarterback Mike Lewis, Colby Tigges, Garrett Henderson, David Studer, Ryan Petersen and Tevis were all named to the 4A-I all-league team in their final seasons.


Tevis was so spectacular that he was arguably the team's most versatile player. In the win over Cienega in the semifinal game, Tevis accomplished the rare feat of scoring touchdowns on a reception, a punt return, and an interception, all in the third quarter. Tevis also led the team in receiving yards during the year.


"My favorite player is Troy Polamalu of Pittsburgh," Tevis said.


That's a good choice, as the Steeler great is known as a free-wheeling player who flies all over the field, literally throwing his body at people and making big defensive plays. Tevis plays the same way.


He was very excited after the title win.


"It was just incredible," Tevis said. "CDO hadn't been state champions for a long time (1977)."


"It's tough to end your career," Tevis said. "But this is the way to go out."


Senior quarterback Lewis may not have been as spectacular, but he came up big when the Dorados needed him most this season. Against Cienega, the Dorados actually trailed 3-0 at halftime. Lewis completed a 75-yard touchdown pass to Tevis and finished that game with 258 yards passing.


"We had a special group," Lewis said. "Last year, we had our ups and downs. We didn't have the work ethic that we did this year."


In the tough 4A-Sonoran conference, Lewis led in completion percentage and averaged 9.6 yards per pass attempt. Lewis plans to play college ball somewhere next year.


Robbins may have been the unsung hero for the Dorados. On a team that had two other defensive "Finishing undefeated is great," Tevis said. "It was just unbelievable."


The senior had just played his last high school game.


"It's tough to end your career, but this is the way to go out."


As good as CDO was in going unbeaten with a tough schedule, and with Sabino being the only team to lose to them by less than 14 points (34-21 during season) how did this team lose in the semifinals last year, 13-7?


"We have a special group," Lewis said. "We had our ups and downs last year."


"We didn't have the work ethic that we had this year."


Lewis was 8-13 for 104 yards and two interceptions. Robbins was the leading receiver with four catches for 46 yards and a touchdown.


Defensively, the Dorados had another strong game, holding Nelson to 83 yards rushing, while Fraser had 26 yards on eight carries before leaving the game.


"I'm happy we won with this group," said the junior Carey. "Robbins, Tevis, and my O-line."


"It feels great. We showed we were the best."



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