For Northwest Tucson resident Catherine Lee, age truly is just a number. 

The 55-year-old is not only in the best shape of her life, but she recently showcased her age-defying physique at the NPC Terminator 2012 fitness competition at Fox Theater on July 14.

Lee competed in the 43 to 65 age group, with judges rating competitors based on muscle tone, symmetry, physique, and other fitness elements. She took fourth place out of eight competitors. 

Lee said as people age, they sometimes tend to neglect fitness, something she thinks is a big mistake. For her, fitness has been nothing short of life changing.

“There’s nothing like how it makes me feel,” she said. “When you work out, you just feel healthier. It helps cure depression, stress, and it’s a great way to be social. Since I work so hard to look better, it also encourages healthier eating.” 

Lee added that as individuals age, fitness also helps with things such as building bone density and maintaining mobility for years to come.

While fitness has always been a priority in Lee’s life, she is experiencing it with a bit more intensity now, thanks to her new personal trainer, Elle DeLallo.

Since Lee began working out with DeLallo in April, she has lost 17 pounds, and gained plenty of muscle definition, endurance, and confidence.

“I’m doing things physically that I’ve never done before,” said Lee.

DeLallo, who works as an independent contractor out of Body Masters Gym, has been working as a trainer for the last two years, but has been inspired by fitness since she was 16 years old. 

“Fitness is more than just looking good,” said DeLallo. “It’s something that helps with all aspects of life. It’s about loving yourself.”

Now, DeLallo is taking fitness more seriously than ever, working with five to seven clients at a time and implementing the training skills she has learned over the years. Not only does she keep her clients disciplined in the gym, DeLallo also offers her knowledge in nutrition and supplements. She has even helped her clients grocery shop.

“A personal life coach is what I consider myself,” said DeLallo. “I will do anything and everything it takes to help my clients with their fitness and wellbeing.”

Lee said with the diet DeLallo has her on, she no longer craves carbohydrates or sugars, and has noticed an increase in her metabolism. Combine that with DeLallo’s encouraging but firm expectations, and Lee has gotten more than she ever hoped for.

“It’s really all paying off,” said Lee. “I used to work out all the time, but now my body has completely morphed.”

DeLallo combines scientific-based workout techniques with a few “secret” fitness strategies she has learned along the way to bring clients like Lee such impressive results. 

“My motto is ‘work out with me smarter, not harder,’” said DeLallo. “Some trainers just make their clients do a ridiculous amount of cardio, but really, fat loss is all about timing.”

DeLallo trains individuals ranging from out-of-shape to athletic, and her workouts are suited to fit an individual’s situation and personal goals.

“Generally, I’m going to push their limits, and show them workouts that will work best for them,” she said. 

For individuals interested in hiring DeLallo as a personal trainer, she can be contacted at

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