Corporate sales for the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship are "on par from last year," reports Judy McDermott, executive director of the Tucson Conquistadores.

Daily ticket sales have lagged.

"Sales are always slow with daily tickets," and there are plenty available, McDermott said. "That's where we have the most room to grow."

On the corporate side, "we're still selling," with the possibility of exceeding last year's corporate commitments, said McDermott, who's been at this for more than 20 years, and has directed the Conquistadores for 16 years.

The Conquistadores sold out of 18 $15,000 Saguaro packages. "It's a nice hospitality package for the people that couldn't spend the higher amounts," she said. "It's still a reserved area."

The expanded Walter Hagen Club has tickets ranging from $500 to $1,800. "We still have plenty of tickets to sell there," a place McDermott calls "the sports bar of the tournament."

Seven of the $40,000 Sonoran Suite packages have moved. There's one left, sold by the day.

"We're pleased where we ended up," McDermott said.

A year ago, 65,000 came to the golf course during the week. "We have room for a little bit more," said Wade Dunagan, executive director of the tournament. "We want people who come to the tournament to be able to see golf. If we had 30,000 people to see a few matches, they wouldn't walk away happy, and we don't want that."

A week before the tournament, "there are a lot of moving parts," Dunagan said. "They're all moving right now."

There are four people on the staff year-round. "I am very blessed with a terrific staff" that includes Stephen Nutt, tournament operations manager; Kaitlyn Doe, tournament services manager; and Andrew Cronin, sales manager.

"We actually operate about a year and a half in advance," Dunagan said. "Any meetings during tournament week, we're talking about 2011, how to make it better, how to improve it for the fans, hospitality, the players."

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