Pima Community College Athletics sent over 100 student-athletes from the baseball, softball and track & field teams to volunteer at the Tucson Convention Center for the Boys & Girls Club event called “The Party.”

The athletes helped out in many forms from setting up on Thursday to working the different stations during the event on Friday and taking everything down on Saturday.

Jercel Gonzalez (Rincon HS), a freshman who will compete in the decathlon during the spring track & field season, helped set up Thursday night and worked the event on Friday. One of the things Gonzalez did was make sure auctioned products matched the information sheets. He said being at “The Party” brought back memories because he was once part of the Boys & Girls Club.

“I had a feeling it was going to be a big and special night,” Gonzalez said. “The Boys & Girls Club kept me out of trouble. The homework sessions and sports programs; I don’t want to see those go to waste. It’s essential programs are still around to help these kids.

“This showed how professional we are and how much we care.”

Sophomore shortstop Aubre Carpenter (Sabino HS) worked the ticket sales station on Friday while other players from the softball team served drinks and worked the silent auction.

“It was amazing. It’s nice to be on a team that’s not afraid to help out other kids,” Carpenter said. “It was a bonding experience for our team because we care about the same thing. It made us realize how lucky we are and that we could have been in that situation when we were younger.

“The kids were in a room with us and they were in awe. Just hearing the kids cheering and thanking everyone, it felt nice being a part of that.”

Sophomore closing pitcher Will Holbrook (Sabino HS) helped set up on Thursday. He set up tables and unloaded trucks filled with water bottles among other things.

“The Pima guys were eager to help,” Holbrook said. “We moved things around to make it look good. We stocked things and did anything they needed us to do. There was lots of help at the different stations. It’s always good giving back with any kind of volunteer work because we’re working for something.”

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