Winning a world title is an accomplishment within itself, but juggling being a family man, deputy sheriff and co-owner of Crossfit Now, 40-year-old Michael Moseley’s accomplishment is more then just impressive.

This summer, Moseley competed in the Masters Division, ages 40-44, at the International Crossfit Games in Los Angeles, Calif. where he took first place. The Crossfit Games is a grueling competition to find the fittest man and woman on earth. Events range from running long distances to testing a competitor’s quickness to moving large loads of weight. Moseley competed in six different categories and finished with 528 points – 37 points ahead of the second place finisher.

“It was pretty darn amazing,” said Moseley in response to winning. “I have a mindset that I think that anything is possible. If I concentrate on the possibility and not necessarily on the reality I do better. Winning wasn’t the greatest point for me - it was what I gave to my children. I think it’s a big deal to my kids and the members here it motivates them.”

Moseley’s journey with Crossfit began in 2009 while working at the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s Law Enforcement Training Academy. What drew him to Crossfit was the high intensity of training that was involved. In only took a few months until Moseley signed up for a membership. Since then his life has not been the same.

“Crossfit prepares you for anything,” said Moseley a 16-year deputy sheriff. “People walk through the doors and get hooked on it.”

Getting hooked to the sport was exactly what happened to Moseley. Shortly after joining he was encouraged to compete in the regional games. He was hesitant at first since he had just started working out at Crossfit, but in the end decided to give it a try. He drove up to Flagstaff where he competed in the 2009 Crossfit Games Great Basin Region Qualifier. While there he finished fifth out of 36 other competitors.

“A lot of people are afraid to compete and put themselves out there, but I think in my mind I don’t think I’ve ever really cared about that,” said Moseley. “Deep down I know I give my all and give 100 percent.”

His passion for Crossfit didn’t stop at just working out harder and competing. In October 2010, his wife along with a couple other family members opened their own affiliate called Crossfit Now. According to Moseley, the goal of Crossfit is changing people for the better and wanting people to know that Crossfit is for the average athlete not the elite.

Moseley is thankful for all who have supported him, but especially his family who he says is the biggest support system. They allow me to do all the things I do and I’m very grateful for that, said Moseley.

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