This NBA off-season has been lively and will shape the upcoming season.  Superstars have been moved and have joined up with other superstars. Some stars have stayed and others have yet to be moved. While some of the trades were predictable, many were surprising and the result is likely to be an interesting NBA season next year.

Starting from here in Arizona, the Phoenix Suns have made many changes. The biggest news came when veteran point guard, Steve Nash, who has played with the Suns since 2004, decided to team up with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Ironically, the Lakers have been the Suns longtime bitter rival.   

Anticipating the departure of Nash, the Suns drafted point guard Kendall Marshall from the University of North Carolina. Also, they acquired former Houston Rockets power forward, Luis Scola and Minnesota Timberwolves small forward, Michael Beasley.

After the “Lin-sanity” that took place last year in New York with point guard Jeremy Lin, you would’ve assumed that he would continue playing for the Knicks. However, fan favorite, Lin, will play for the Houston Rockets this season as the Knicks failed to re-sign him.

In a search to fill Lin’s spot this season, the Knicks went out and signed veteran point guard Jason Kidd. Kidd might be the missing piece to the Knicks troubles. With superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, they truly need a distributing point guard.

The Brooklyn Nets were quite busy this off-season as they re-signed their star point guard, Deron Williams, despite the efforts of the Dallas Mavericks to try to sign him. To complement Williams, the Nets signed former Atlanta Hawks guard, Joe Johnso,n and re-signed center Brook Lopez. With all of these moves for the Nets, there is a lot of talk that they might be better than the Knicks next season.

In his final years of his career, 37-year-old Ray Allen decided to make a move from Boston to the Miami Heat. Next year he will join the powerhouses of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in another quest for a title.

In response to losing Allen, the Boston Celtics added Jason Terry from the Dallas Mavericks and Courtney Lee of the Houston Rockets to fill Allen’s spot.

However, the biggest news is yet to come. Where will Dwight Howard end up? Currently, Howard remains with the Orlando Magic but there has been continuous talk about the big man being moved. So, the real question is which team will land the all-star center?

The front runners to acquire Howard are the Brooklyn Nets, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets. However, the Nets re-signed their center and the Lakers have kept big men, Andrew Bynum and Jordan Hill. So, it seems as if it will be the Dallas Mavericks or Houston Rockets to receive Howard if he leaves Orlando.

When it all shakes out, it looks like the Lakers and the Heat will be the teams to watch next season. While many teams begin the rebuilding process, the Lakers and Heat seem to have every piece necessary to win a NBA title. Of course, teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls will continue to be title contenders but the unpredictable variables of team chemistry and injuries can change everything.

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