Be a playoff team. Finish the season with no regrets. Grow closer to God.

These are the three goals that the Pusch Ridge Lions’ leading seniors Grayson Barghols, Joey Lowery, and Jared Hout want to have the team accomplish for the season.  

After a tough 2011 season, the three agreed that they want this season to be different and are confident that hard work and giving their best in everything will help them succeed.

Barghols, who made second team for Division V football in 2011, said last year’s team was more of a rebuilding season because they had a lot of young players and moved up into a higher division of competition.

“It was intimidating at first,” said Barghols. “The guys were bigger and it was just hard.”

Now, with the new season already under way, Barghols still knows the team has a lot of room to grow and improve. But still, he believes they can make it to the playoffs.  He hopes to contribute to the team through his senior leadership and helping the younger players when needed by giving them advice.

Playing the running back and corner back position is Lowery, who head coach Troy Cropp said is a player who exemplifies a solid work ethic.  

Those words of hard work line up with the goals that Lowery has made for himself for this season.

“I want to give my best in everything and have no regrets,” said Lowery. “Coach told us that this season was going to be a big change and a big sacrifice.  I want to leave it all on the field.”

Lowery doesn’t lower his expectations for the team as he says that in order for the team to be successful they must work hard and consistently condition.

“Play for God” has always been a motto for the Lion’s program, and this year will be no different.  

Hout said growing closer to God and growing in unity, as a team, is an important component to being successful in the season.  He believes that by becoming more unified, the team will be motivated to work hard and through that will gain more confidence.

“We need to know every play and just go out with confidence,” said Hout. “I think a strength we have is quickness and we’re a smart team.”

With a strong end to their summer workouts, the three seniors look forward to taking the field and seeing how their hard work and preparation has paid off.

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