Cody Rochon
Photo by Randy Metcalf

Mountain View High School junior Cody Rochon has helped his school’s football team finish its regular season 7-3 as the team’s starting quarterback.

Rochon, a junior, passed for 660 yards with eight touchdowns in the regular season, and threw only two interceptions. His longest pass of the season was earlier this month when he threw a pass for 51 yards. 

Finishing the regular season, Rochon has a quarterback rating of 106. 

The Mountain Lion’s head coach, Clarence McRae, is happy to know that he gets to keep Rochon for one more year.

“Cody is a special kid,” McRae said. “He’s a leader who works hard. He works so hard that his teammates rally around him and naturally look up to him. He puts in the work. He doesn’t slack off. He doesn’t cheat or cut corners because he is a good athlete. He more or less wants to do the extra reps – he wants to push himself.”

Rochon started at the school playing on the freshman team his first year at the school. Though he didn’t want to, during his sophomore year, he got pulled up to varsity to be the team’s kicker. 

In the last two games of his sophomore season, Rochon was asked to start as the team’s quarterback and hasn’t left the spot since. 

In his first game as a starting quarterback last season, Rochon recalled it being against Flowing Wells and going into double overtime.

 “That was the most exciting game ever, for me,” Rochon said.

He still kicks for the team, even to the point of making a 46-yard field goal last September against Cienega.

“I hate kicking, but I am good at it, so they make me kick,” he said.

Aside from kicking, he loves the game of football and wants to “get it done.” So he puts in the extra effort to try and better himself and his team.

“Knowing I am not the greatest, I definitely have to work for it and I enjoy working for it. Not only do I like it, I need it,” he said.

Rochon feels he needs football to have the opportunity to go to college or possibly go into the Naval Academy. He knows it is important to him and his family and will be the first one in his family to go to college. He has his sights set on the Naval Academy, but he will be more than happy to continue playing football anywhere.

But to get to that point, he needs to do some things to get noticed, which means working harder.

“He wants to be better,” McRae said. “Constantly the kid asks me, ‘How can I get better coach? What do I need to improve?’ Even when he does a great job. That is what you want in a great player. Those are the players who go onto the next level and have an opportunity to play because they are constantly working to get better.”

In 2007, the Mountain Lions finished its season 7-4. The team hasn’t had a winning record until this season. The team was 3-7 for 2009 and 2010, and last year the team finished its season 4-6.

The Mountain Lions finished the 2012 season with a 7-3 record, and will face Cienega in the first round of the playoffs.

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Congratulations on a great article. Cody is certainly portrayed as a valuable potential asset to any college and a great leader. One correction, however. Although Cody's father left college for the military, he went back as an adult and received has bachelor's degree, his master's degree, and is currently working on his doctorate.

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