Last Wednesday afternoon, the air was crisp, the sky was blue and the Crooked Tree Golf Course was filled with people over the age of 70 for the 9-hole Super Senior Golf Tournament.

At age 99, Gerry McWane was the oldest golfer to take the course.

McWane, who started playing the game of golf in 1952, played with his long-time friend Jerry Griffin, 85, who has been golfing since 1973.

“You would think I would know something about this game by now,” McWane joked.

He does know quite a bit about the game, or at least enough to keep him coming back each day.

“It’s a little sporty and it has a little finesse,” McWane said about why he liked the sport. “It’s a pretty good sport, I think. For when you retire.”

Before sending his golf balls though the air, McWane himself flew through the air during his time in the Air Force where he flew numerous missions and trips in C-47s and a B-17s. After the Air Force, McWane flew crop-dusters.

Griffin continues to play golf because of “the friends, comradery and the competition.”

The two used to play together in the late 1980s in Tucson. They would play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as they rotated from city course to city course.

They both currently shoot in the low 90s but have shot their age on numerous occasions.

“When we were playing together, we were down at El Rio,” Griffin recalled. “That was the first time I shot my age. I was 71. I have shot my age 260 times since then.”

As the two took to the course with other folks on the course, and liking the older competition, Griffin joked, “I think they should have another category for those seniors for 80 and over.”

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