Last month, former Mountain View High School wrestling coach Bob Newman was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Newman, who spent 34 years teaching in the Marana Unified School District, originally coached at Marana High School and transferred to Mountain View High School in 1983 where he built the wrestling program from the bottom up. He retired in 2007.

“It’s pretty nice after 34 years of work that they recognized me,” Newman said about getting inducted. “The whole thing cumulates because you are just working all the time, just doing your job and liking what you do.”

Liking what he did in his career helped Newman to win the State Title in 1983, two State Runner-up trophies and nine Regional Championships. His wrestlers brought home 27 State Titles and 77 State finishes.

With those wins, Newman was recognized as the 4A Division Coach of the Year in 1983, Southern Coach of the Year in 1996 and 2007, and Citizen Coach of the Year for the 4A/ 5A division in 2003.

Newman gained the respect from officials, coaches and players from other schools. He taught more than 1,050 wrestlers through his 34 years, five of them have gone on to become head wrestling coaches.

Newman hates to lose, plain and simple.

“He’ll have some of his kids who will say, ‘let me see if I can take coach down,’” his wife Cyndi said. “And they will try and try, but no one has ever done it.”

And this isn’t an end-of-the-year type of challenge. Newman said it was a constant contest throughout the wrestling season.

Since he retired from being a wrestling coach almost four years ago, Newman has worked in construction welding, retiring from that in 2009.

In his free time, he likes to hunt elk, deer, mountain lion, bear, coyotes, and fox, along with other animals.

Alongside Newman, six other people were inducted into the Arizona Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. They were Bryan Smith, Sisto Tosales, Joe Solorio, Neil DeWitt, Rick Johnson and John McGlumphy.

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