Troy Cropp
Randy Metcalf, The Explorer

Anticipation for a new and improved season arose when the Pusch Ridge Lions hired Troy Cropp, as the new head varsity football coach.

For 10 years, Cropp has coached youth and middle school football teams. Some of his players he has even coached for over five years. Having coached only younger players, Cropp’s first thought wasn’t towards looking into a head coaching position. But some of his players parents thought otherwise and recommended Cropp to the Athletic Director Lonnie Tvrdy. In mid-December, Cropp was hired as the new head coach.

“This isn’t something that I’ve always wished for,” said Cropp. “But I thought about it and prayed about it and decided I’d do it.”

With seven assistant coaches who have a lot of experience, Cropp is confident and grateful for his coaching staff who will bring a wealth of added knowledge to the program.

“These guys have experience and we all have the same convictions on how to train the guys,” said Cropp. “We want to make men with godly convictions who know how to lead.”

Cropp doesn’t see football as just a sport but as a tool to help prepare his players for the future.

“One day these guys are going to have jobs and they need to learn to lead now,” said Cropp.

Learning how to lead is not only through playing football, but also through daily devotions that Cropp often leads at each practice. Apart from devotions, Cropp has implemented a new training program that he believes will help quicken and strengthen his players.

“There are maximum opportunities in our program to be successful,” said Cropp. “I’m looking forward to seeing how their skills develop over the course of the season.”

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