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Jake Fischer

Usually, being the top finisher in two events in a regional competition would be a source of excitement for an athlete.

Not so for Ironwood Ridge senior and future University of Arizona footballer Jake Fischer, who topped the standings last Wednesday and Friday in the shotput and discus, but who believes he could have done better, according to his coach.

"He's a perfectionist," said throwers' coach Jake Price. "He won, but he's driving himself crazy because he didn't PR."

PR, in track terminology, stands for personal record, the number each athlete strives to eclipse during every performance.

Fischer can still achieve that goal when the state track meet begins this Thursday, but his coach is feeling the sting of the dominant thrower's departure.

"It's a shame we only have him for a few more weeks," said Price on Friday.

"Jake's like having another coach out there," Price added. "He critiques the technique of all of his peers, boys and girls, seniors down to freshmen."

According to Price, Fischer also coaches himself.

"He's self-driven," said the coach.

At this point, there is little that Fischer needs to change before state rolls around.

"Right now, it's just repetition," said Price. "The goal for state is to have a good time. It's an experience for the boys and they should enjoy it at some point."

For Price, his experience with Fischer has been one that he has enjoyed.

"When you have good people around, good things happen," he said of the senior.

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