Game by game, Pusch Ridge continues to close in on the Junior Softball Little League World Series title.

As of Monday night, the girls had won their first two games of pool play in Kirkland, Wash.

Sunday’s victory over East Greensburg, Pa., offered a 3-2 squeaker — while Monday’s 14-0 stomp of the Netherlands team reflected Pusch Ridge’s typical margins.

Third-baseman Sarah Rodriguez tallied four base hits during Monday’s victory, and threw one inning of relief for hurler Makayla McAdams.

“Our bats have been alive, and our defense has been pretty solid,” Sarah Rodriguez said last week. “So we just work with that, and work as a team.”

Pitcher Kayla Bonstrom earned Sunday’s win, yet coach Rob Wenzel credited Pennsylvania’s fight.

“Their pitcher threw harder than ours,” Wenzel said. “But Kayla, with her experience, just got it done.”

Pusch Ridge’s World Series bid came after they beat Sunnyside in the Western Regional tournament, during an all-Tucson final that ended 13-2. The squad outscored foes 63-6 during the six-game series.

Bonstrom threw five complete innings during the final win in Tucson, last Wednesday.

“I think we’ve bonded well together as a team, which made us stronger,” Bonstrom said last week. “That’s what’s going to help us down the line.

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