Young people competed in swimming, biking and running events during the Iron Kids Triathlon, held this weekend in Oro Valley.

Distances varied for each age group. Juniors, ages 6 to 8, competed in a 50-yard swim, a 2-mile bike ride and a 500-yard run. Intermediates, ages 9 to 11, did a 150-yard swim, a 4-mile bike ride and a 1-mile run. And seniors, ages 12-15, swam 300 yards, biked eight miles and ran two miles.

Contestants came from the region, as well as California, Minnesota and Colorado.


Seniors: 1, Jacob Dodge, 15, Reedley, Calif.; 2, Thomas Edwards, 14, Waconia, Minn.; 3, Conor Cox, 15, Palmer Lake, Colo.; 4, Matthew Kautz, 14, Tucson; 5, Michael Havenar, 14, Palmer Lake, Colo.; Bonnie Diamond, 13, Tucson; Duncan Hogan, 14, Tucson.

Intermediates: 1, Brooks Fail, 10, Tucson; 2, Isaac Stump, 10, Oro Valley; 3, Regan Harkett, 11, Tucson; 4, Ben Black, 9, Tucson; 5, Olivia Bohn, 10, Tucson; 6, Ashley Bohn, 9, Tucson; 7, Margaret Cramer, 10, Tucson.

Juniors: 1, Paul Rasoumoff, 7, Tucson; 2, Noah Rojas, 8, Tucson; 3, Jacob Danner, 7, Tucson; 4, Kristin Finn, 7, Sahuarita; 5, Meghan Burns, 7, Tucson; 6, Mackenzie Kester, 7, Tucson; 7, Sierra Rafacz, 6, Tucson; 8, Karsten Zimmerman, 6, Tucson.

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