Immaculate Heart High School will be holding the John M. Roll Memorial Golf Tournament on June 30 at the Oro Valley Country Club to honor his commitment and service to our school.

The cost to participate in the tournament is $150-individual and $500-foursome.  Proceeds from the tournament will go to the John M. Roll Memorial Scholarship set up by Immaculate Heart High School. 

The cost to educate a student at IHHS is $10,600 per year; the annual tuition is $6,400.  Sixty percent of IHHS students have limited financial means, yet these students are motivated and committed to creating success in school, career and life.  Recipients of the scholarship will demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of:  Academics, Faith, Leadership and Integrity-qualities and characteristics that Judge Roll exemplified.

Judge Roll’s relationship with Immaculate Heart High School began during his days as a high school student and continues today through his family.

Roll was invited to attend dances held at Immaculate Heart High School by his wife Maureen, who was a sophomore at the school. He and Maureen were always involved in the school’s activities and functions.

Roll was instrumental in creating the Advisory Board. Roll was a guest lecturer for the U.S. Government class.  After his appointment as Federal Judge, each year he would invite the Senior Class from the school to watch a case and then join him in his chambers, often sharing the recording of the call from President George H.W. Bush appointing him to the seat.  During this time, Judge Roll developed a close relationship with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Judge Roll and the Sisters shared and maintained a close friendship that was bonded in their strong faith and belief in service.  

Honorable John M. Roll served as Arizona’s chief U.S. district Judge since 2006.  He served in the judicial system for 40 years.  In his role as Chief District Judge, he held himself to a standard that will be long respected.  Judge Roll was dedicated and deeply committed to his faith.  He read scriptures from the Bible daily, inspiring him to live a covenant of respect and kindness.  His strong faith carried into his courtroom in that he understood a jurist must be pure of heart and judge objectively and without bias.  Judge Roll was completely devoted to his wife and family.  He was a loyal friend to many who will always remember his warm and ready smile, his kindness and compassion for others.    

For information about the tournament or to register, go to  For questions or more information contact Barbara Wronski at Immaculate Heart High School at 297-2851.

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