They say the Miami Heat are as Hollywood as it gets, and it would seem that the label is finally beginning to catch up with them. Basketball superstar LeBron James is beginning to dabble in the bright lights of film and television. The Heat forward is currently slated for a role in Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck”, as well as a co-star role opposite of Kevin Hart in the upcoming comedy, “Ballers.” James does not always leave the storytelling to fictional premises created by writers, however. The two-time champion is beginning to adapt his own personal experiences to the screen, and will be sharing those experiences with the world as an executive producer for the upcoming Starz series, Survivor’s Remorse.

The show will revolve around the experiences of Philadelphia native Cam Calloway, a 20-something basketball superstar from a humble background. Once Calloway is offered a professional contract and comes into a hefty paycheck, he and his cousin, Reggie Vaughn, relocate to Georgia where they are faced with more than they bargained for. The young men deal with new feelings that ride hand-in-hand with recent fortune, including fame, love, and even guilt. The first of six episodes premiers in the fall of 2014, and stars Jessie T. Usher, Ashton Leigh, Anna Colwell and Malana Lea.

The show’s theme may hit a little close to home for James and his long time friend and manager, Maverick Carter. In fact, much of the show’s storyline will draw direct influence from the internal conflicts and experiences of Carter and James. Though “Survivor’s Remorse” is said to take a comedic route, it will surely have serious undertones, as it deals with themes that are near and dear to the show’s creators.

In dealing with the personal experiences of basketball’s most polarizing figure, “Survivor’s Remorse” should provide viewers with an inside look at LeBron in a way that has been overlooked by media members and game-time footage.  For an athlete who is constantly analyzed, discussed, scrutinized and celebrated, a surprisingly small amount has revealed about James’ own psyche until now. We have all seen the LeBron James that wreaks havoc on the basketball court, that side of him is no mystery, but it should be interesting to see the innermost conflicts of basketball’s biggest star, told through the story of a once-poor kid who suddenly finds himself in the limelight.

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