Randy Metcalf/The Explorer, Although she is not counting on anything, when asked about taking her skills to the WNBA, CDO's Nadi Carey said simply, "Yeah, that'd be tight."

When Canyon Del Oro girls’ basketball head coach Keri Brown is asked what standout senior guard Nadi Carey brings to the Dorados, the answer is simple.

“Everything that comes to mind,” said Brown. “Passing, shooting, breaks, defense, all of it.”

While “everything” might seem a little hard to live up to game in and game out, it’s all in a day’s work for Carey.

In Friday night’s 50-24 victory over Cholla, Carey had six points, but scoring wasn’t her aim.

“I was trying to get a lot of assists this game,” Carey said. “But that didn’t work out that well for me this time.”

Carey did have  assists, feeding junior Sydney Lewis, the game’s leading scorer on many occasions. Carey also dove for loose balls, stole passes, rebounded and generally made life difficult for Cholla on both sides of the court.

That intensity comes from a deep appreciation of both her teammates and her coach.

Echoing her coach’s words, when asked about what she enjoys the most about playing at CDO, Carey responds, “Everything.”

“My teammates are just really friendly, we bonded really well,” said Carey, who transferred to CDO this season from Flowing Wells.

“I love the coach’s mentality, she brings a lot of spice,” she added.

Carey has caught the eye of Eastern Washington University, where she is committed to play next season.

“I want to play against the best, so the competition will be fun for me,” Carey said.

That thirst for competition is what may well send Carey to an even higher level.

Although she is not counting on anything, when asked about taking her skills to the WNBA, Carey said simply, “Yeah, that’d be tight.”

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