As the XXX Olympiad came to a close Sunday night, we all had the same thought, why are the next Olympics so far away? Every four years the world comes together and gets excited for what? Is it the patriotism and pride that comes along with it? Is it the sports themselves? Or is it something else?

The pride and spirit that comes with the Olympics is undeniable. From the opening ceremony celebrating Britain’s history to each and every medal that was won, there was no lack of pride.

No other sporting event in the world brings the world together with so much honor and exuberance as the Olympics do. All viewers world-wide were able to be a part of the excitement as they were rooting for their athletes and witnessing them stand on the podium while they played their national anthem.

The pride and patriotism is not reserved for those of us watching the games. You can see it in the athletes too. You rarely see athletes of this caliber get so emotional when they win. The tears that drip down the faces and the leaping of joy that they haven’t experienced since their fourth birthday makes the games so memorable. It isn’t just the athletes that feel these emotions, it’s the millions of viewers across the world that share these emotions.

The Olympics remind us what sport is all about. The dedication and passion that goes in before the glory. The unselfishness and teamwork that make winning more than just a medal.

We admire the athleticism and skill even though we only watch it once every four years. We spend an entire day watching a sport that we don’t even know the rules to. The Olympics is the only sporting event in the world that showcases athletes like Decathlon gold medal winner, Ashton Eaton who excelled in ten separate track and field events. The Olympics are what elevated Michael Phelps from a gifted swimmer into an internationally acclaimed champion. It’s the beauty of athletes competing at the world’s biggest stage and representing their countries voluntarily.

Maybe the Olympics have a more profound meaning. It is the only event in the world in which countries across the world can come together in a peaceful manner and celebrate their excellence. At home, it makes us feel like we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. We can connect with people all over the world with just one Olympic event.

Whether it be the patriotism, the spirit, the sports or the feeling of something greater than ourselves, the Olympics are uplifting and that is what makes them more than just a series of sporting events. The Olympics bring out the best in sports and the best in us and that is what makes it so hard to wait four years for another one.

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What a great summary of the impact the Olympics has on everyone. Nice work!!

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