The next step in the Tucson Padres baseball team’s young history is complete, with the unveiling of the Minor League Triple A team’s home, road and military uniforms, and cap.

The home uniform is a white jersey and pants with “Padres” written across the front in the same font the San Diego Padres wore from 1978-1984. The home uniforms are making their debut on opening night at Kino Stadium on Friday, April 15 against the Salt Lake Bees.

To honor the Tucson shooting victims, the home uniforms feature a black-and-white memorial ribbon on the sleeve. The black color symbolizes the memory of the victims of Jan. 8, and the white color symbolizes hope.

The road uniform is a gray jersey and pants, with “Tucson” scripted across the front in the same font as the home uniform. The road uniforms are making their debut in Colorado Springs on Thursday, April 8.

The road uniforms also feature the black-and-white ribbon on their sleeve to honor the Jan. 8 Tucson shooting victims.

In partnership with the San Diego Padres, the Tucson Padres are wearing camouflage military jerseys for Sunday home games and other appropriate military holidays throughout the 2011 season. As a gesture of support for the Tucson military community, the San Diego Padres are giving these game-worn jerseys from 2010 to the Tucson Padres for the 2011 season.

The Tucson Padres cap shows a Tucson version of the Swinging Friar, with a replica of the San Diego Padres mascot using a “Tucson” bat. The Tucson Padres cap is navy blue, with the friar logo outlined in white.

“We are really excited about our new look,” said Tucson Padres Vice President and General Manager Mike Feder. “The cap and jerseys tie in the retro look of the San Diego Padres, while maintaining a fresh feel and a Tucson connection.”

The caps, jerseys and other apparel will be available in the “Friar Attire” team store in early April. Tucson Padres T-shirts are currently available in the Tucson Padres front office at 2500 E. Ajo Way in southern Tucson.

Season tickets and mini plans are now available by calling 434-1338.

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