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Dave Chappelle returns on Netflix with two specials this month

“I’ve been gone for a very long time.”

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Elton John partnering with YouTube to host video contest

Have you ever stayed up late at night making your own music video, taking the inspiration felt from the work of one of your favorite artists to craft a visual story all your own?

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World Fighting Federation celebrates achievements before Oct. 1 Tucson show

Having celebrated its landmark 30th event in Chandler, Ariz. less than a month ago, one of Arizona’s premier mixed martial arts promotions, the World Fighting Federation, is returning to Tucson for another night of thrilling amateur and professional fights within WFF cage. On Oct. 1 Casino Del Sol Resort is hosting WFF 31 at the AVA Amphitheater, and the fight card is already competing with WFF 30’s fight of the year atmosphere.

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‘I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change’ coming to Oro Valley this month

Fresh off a successful run at the Alliance Performance Center of Tucson (APCOT), the Roadrunner Theatre Company is partnering with The Gaslight Music Hall to stage the musical comedy “I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change” later this month.

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Alison Brie joining cast of “G.L.O.W.”

One of Netflix’s recently announced original shows has found its leading lady.

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Tales from E3 2016

This year I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend one of the biggest gaming expos in the world. When Nintendo sent me the email with the invitation to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, I was shaking with excitement. This had been an event that I have watched since I was kid and had dreamed of going to someday. Without this invitation, tickets cost around $1,000.

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Magic: The Gathering set “Eldritch Moon” coming

The new Magic: The Gathering set “Eldritch Moon” will be releasing towards the end of this month, and it’s loaded with new game mechanics that are sure to excite players.

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Hip-hop watch: MF Dem?

In the age of the internet releasing new singles, collaborations, mix-tapes and even full albums can be done in minutes – giving fans the music they so ravenously desire without having to leave the comfort of their couches. Despite the World Wide Web taking precedence in every genre of music – it seems as though old-school viral marketing may still be viable.

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'Battlefield 1' announced: Set in WW1

Love it or hate it, Electronic Arts’ “Battlefield” first-person shooter video game franchise has been one of the most popular entries into the genre for more than a decade. While some shooters focus on non-stop action or entertaining game play features, “Battlefield” has long placed priority on larger maps, vehicle game play and more realistic effects in gun fights.

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'Far Harbor' coming May 19

Despite a new quest line and some system improvements across two downloadable content packages, “Fallout 4” has yet to receive its first full-blown DLC – until now.

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LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam’ may actually be happening

The idea of LeBron James starring in a sequel to the 1996 live-action/animated children’s classic “Space Jam” has floated around the internet and among gossip circles for some years now. Though often considered a joke, it looks as though the Cleveland Cavaliers baller may actually be taking another step closer to the legacy of Michael Jordan. James is reportedly cast to star in “Space Jam 2.”

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Star Fox Zero Review: New game falls short of being best entry in series

The Star Fox series has seen quite a few developers over the course of its history. Nintendo developed the most well known and loved installment Star Fox 64, Rare made the unique Star Fox Adventures that mainly took place on the ground, and now 11 years since the last console Star Fox game PlatinumGames has stepped up to create Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.

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Olympic gold medalist & UFC fighter returns to where his MMA career began

Inspirational figure, youngest Olympic gold medal wrestler in history, mixed martial arts fighter - Henry “The Messenger” Cejudo has had the honor of donning several titles before turning 30, though there is still a major goal within his sights:

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DOOM: Closed Beta First Impressions

Ten years ago, arena shooters used to reign supreme as the most played online first person shooters. Thousands of people were glued to their computers playing match after match of fast and frenetic gameplay. These games weren’t focused on levels, who had the best gear, or what gun they paid real money for. Instead these games were completely based on skill, and it was up to the player on how well they fared in each game.

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Mixed martial arts live in Tucson

Twenty men, ten fights, twenty pairs gloves - and one cage.

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UPDATE: AMC Entertainment CEO: texting-friendly movie theaters a possibility

"NO TEXTING AT AMC. Won't happen. You spoke. We listened. Quickly, that idea has been sent to the cutting room floor."

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Gamer hits level 100 in ‘World of Warcraft’ on dancepad

Well, now we’ve seen it all.

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UFC Fighter calls cop 'pig' and 'f-ing liar' during traffic stop

It seems as though mixed martial artist and Ultimate Championship former light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones just can’t keep himself out of trouble with the law. He is currently in custody without bail at the Metropolitan Detention Center since being taken into custody yesterday morning by the New Mexico Corrections Department. Jones is serving an 18-month supervised probation, which he received in a plea deal after his hit-and-run accident last April.

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Minnesota rapper reappears with new single

Minneapolis, Minn. based rapper-producer Kyle Smith, better known by his stage name Cecil Otter, hasn’t released any solo material since putting out his debut full length-album, “Rebel Yellow” in 2008. That changed recently when Cecil released a new single, “Cross Countries” via Doomtree Records.

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New clip of "The Jungle Book" offers glimpse of Shere Khan

Based on the classic collection of stories by British novelist and literary mastermind Rudyard Kipling, director Jon Favreau will be retelling the story of “The Jungle Book” in a film set to release on April 15.

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Pokken Tournament Review

When it comes to the fighting game genre, there are plenty of high quality choices for people to choose from. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. are just a few of the most popular titles out there, but even with the large selection of fighting games, Pokken Tournament stands out and sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd.

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Not so shocking: Gene Simmons hates rap music

Aging rocker voices concerns regarding the current state of affairs in the music industry

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Indiana Jones and the never-ending well of money

Get your hat and whip ready; Disney recently announced that everyone’s favorite archaeologist - Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones – will be returning to the big screen in a fifth installment of the beloved franchise. Not only will the good doctor once again take to the deserts and jungles of the world in search for lost treasure and artifacts, but Harrison Ford will once again be reprising the titular role.

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Kendrick Lamar on top of Billboard 200 with ‘untitled unmastered’

Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled unmastered” released earlier this month, a surprise from the Compton, Calif. native, and the album instantly set the hip hop world on fire. While many instantly compared the collection of B-sides and unfinished experiments to Kanye West’s earlier release of “Life of Pablo,” K-Dot has once again shown that he is indeed sitting on the throne.

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‘Fallout 4’ getting first DLC release March 22

Details regarding the first downloadable content expansion for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open world shooter, “Fallout 4” have been swirling around the internet for weeks. Last month, information regarding an upcoming change in price for the game’s DLC season pass led many to believe the first release was only around the corner – they were right.

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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release announced

While fans of a galaxy far, far away will still have to wait some time before the releases of “Star Wars: Episode VIII” or “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” there is some good news in regards to the beloved franchise.

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‘Rick and Morty’ voice actors hard at work on season 3

It has been less than six months since the second season of “Rick and Morty” ended, and fans of the hit Adult Swim animated sci-fi show have been scrounging for every scrap of information, image, video or leak regarding the future of the beloved show.

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The count rides again

The Ultimate Fighting Championship held its first event in England in almost two years over the weekend when UFC Fight Night rocked the O2 Arena in London. In the main event of the night, two mixed martial arts veterans, England’s own Michael “The Count” Bisping (28-7) and Brazilian former champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva (33-7-1), faced off against one another in a contest easily contending for fight of the year.  Though there was no championship on the line, both men have been eyeing a title run in the middleweight division for some time.

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Pokémon celebrating 20th birthday with two new games, other releases

It is nearly impossible to put in to simple terms just how influential the Pokémon franchise has been over the past twenty years. The empire includes handheld games, console releases, movies, manga, television shows and clothing lines, the franchise is a general pop culture icon. The world has been irreparably marked by the presence of Pokémon.

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Fire Emblem Fates Review

The Fire Emblem series has slowly becoming more popular every year since the release of Fire Emblem for the Gameboy Advance. Each game released in North America has been critically acclaimed due to the fun gameplay and polished experience.

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