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One of the most popular questions discussed this time of year in kitchens all across the U.S. is, how much should our Thanksgiving turkey weigh? Will a 13 pound bird be sufficient or should we go with the 15 pound bird this year? Hey, this is important stuff! Whoops. Did someone say, “stuff” – as in stuffing and stuffed?  

This leads to the second most popular question with its roots in the holiday season. How much weight do I need to lose? Do I need to lose five pounds or is 15 pounds more realistic?  Regardless of the amount of weight we need to lose there is no reason to wait, no reason to be reactionary to the extra pounds the season will inevitably bring. Rather, start thinking about your current body weight and overall fitness level now. You would not let your car run out of fuel before thinking about filling up – not intentionally anyway. So, why would you do the same with your health? Do not wait until January 1st to take your weight loss and fitness goals by the horns. Now is the time to get started. You will thank yourself later for being proactive.

Step 1: Make it our goal to not increase your body weight during the holidays. Simple.

Step 2: How much does your turkey weigh? Imagine that weight coming off your body.

Step 3: Start an exercise regimen and weight loss plan today. Again, do not wait ‘til January.

Need help? Koko FitClub in Oro Valley comes highly recommended for many reasons, however, perhaps the best reason is they do all the thinking and planning for you. The owner, Gary Durrenberger, will help you establish and achieve your goals. Koko offers numerous training plans, but their Weight Loss Program is proven and cost much less than you might think. In fact, all of Koko’s programs are considerably less expensive than other facilities, at-home programs, online plans, etc. They offer a complimentary 24-hour pass to try their patented Smartraining™ system. Call them at 445-4515 or visit online at www.orovalley.kokofitclub.com to schedule an appointment and to lose your turkey.  

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