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Are mice really giving up cheese?  If you are thinking, “Why, this is absurd”, then you would be correct.  This is not some new government mandated health and wellness initiative aimed at creating healthier eating habits for our cute, little rodent friends. It is, however, a metaphor designed to illustrate the frustration millions of Americans experience when it comes to getting and staying fit.  

Confused?  Think of yourself as the mouse and the cheese as your fitness goal.  Every mouse has a creative plan for snatching the cheese off the kitchen countertop.  Anyone who has ever watched a Tom & Jerry cartoon knows this.  But, when it comes to fitness it is often difficult to find a plan that works in successfully leading to the cheese.  Uh, hum, I mean results.  Unfortunately, far too many well intentioned gym-goers simply do not have a plan that leads to success – weight loss, increased strength and cardio endurance, etc.  Often, just walking into a gym is like the mouse that enters a maze with the cheese waiting at the end.  Unless we have a map for navigating the maze of fitness equipment we are likely to feel frustrated and will, almost without exception, fall short of our fitness goals.  This leads to giving up.

So, what’s the answer?  Enter Koko FitClub!

Koko FitClub is a personal training studio that delivers highly customized training plans based on individual goals and fitness levels.  Plans are delivered via USB flash drives and all workouts are executed on one Smartrainer, Koko’s patented technology.  This eliminates the need to drift from machine to machine in the “maze”.  Every workout is preplanned thus eliminating 100 percent of the guesswork.  Members simply show up, plug in and get fit.  Think of Koko as a digital gym where personal training is delivered efficiently, effectively, and on your schedule.    

So, if you are frustrated with navigating the fitness maze, call Koko today at 445-4515 or visit them online at orovalley.kokofitclub.com.  Koko will lead you directly to the “cheese.

Koko FitClub offers complimentary sessions and tours and is conveniently located at 10785 N. Oracle Road, in the Home Depot shopping Center.

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