When was the last time you checked your Smartphone for an incoming email, text message or social network update? Be honest. Five minutes? Three minutes? Once, since you started reading this article? Your answer may bring an amusing chuckle or it might bring about a startling realization of the power of the digital age and our submission to its allure.

Washington Post journalist and author, William Powers, addresses this phenomenon in his New York Times best-seller, “Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building A Good Life In The Digital Age.” Powers discusses our addiction to staying connected and the value of disconnecting occasionally.  Powers quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson to illustrate this very point: “This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we know but what to do with it.”

So, what do we do with “it,” this awesome digital power, to improve our lives?

The founders of Koko FitClub asked themselves this very same question. Their answer, the Koko patented Smartraining™ System – a revolutionary fitness solution for men and women of all ages and fitness backgrounds, leverages the latest technology to deliver and track every aspect of a user’s custom strength, cardio and nutrition program. This positions Koko as a digital gym that is S.A.F.E. (Simple – Affordable – Fun – Effective).  

Ironically, Powers, the man who pondered and wrote of a world of healthy digital addictions, has found his healthy digital addiction as a member of the Koko FitClub in Cape Cod, one of 130 locations in 30 states. To discover your healthy digital addiction, visit www.kokofitclub.com or contact the Oro Valley Club at 445-4515.

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