Invisalign Teen is the clear way for your teens to straighten their teeth without braces.  Invisalign Teen has been around for a number of years now and we have been very pleased with the results.

A concern that many parents express at the time of their exam is whether or not their teens will comply with the treatment.  Well, I can tell you we have had excellent compliance with the vast majority of our patients.  Also, one of the added features of the Invisalign Teen aligners is that they have 'compliance indicators.'  Basically, it is a little dot towards the back of the tray that changes color over time if it is in the mouth for most of the day.  Many parents are also concerned with the possibility of the trays being lost or broken and any resulting costs associated with needing to replace an aligner.  The Invisalign Teen product also allows for up to 6 free replacement trays.

Invisalign Teen has all the same advantages as the regular Invisalign treatment.  You can't see them!  You get to take them out to eat and brush, so brushing and flossing is much easier than it is with traditional braces.  They are more comfortable that braces and you get to eat whatever you want!  Their are not dietary restrictions because you are taking the aligners out to eat.  Please give us a call (579-0903) if you or your teen are interested in starting Invisalign treatment. We also have a blog post on our website that takes you step by step through the Invisalign treatment process and what you can expect.  Check it out!

Kyger Orthodontics is located at 844 N. Oracle Road, Suite 130, Oro Valley, AZ 85704 and Dr. Del Kyger can be reached at 579-0903.

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