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Koko FitClub, located at 10785 N. Oracle Road, is offering parents the opportunity to get their kids active this summer with Camp Koko, a four-week camp where boys and girls, ages 13-18, will learn the proper ways to exercise and eat.  The first camp runs June 3rd through June 27th and the second camp runs July 8th through August 1st.  

Campers will attend Camp Koko Monday through Thursday for one hour per day. In that hour they will complete a 30-minute Smartraining™ session, a 15-minute Koko Cardio session and spend time learning proper nutrition. The cost is $100 per camper with discounts available to current members, siblings and dual camp users.

Owner Gary Durrenberger sees an educational opportunity as well as the opportunity to get kids active.

“We want to show kids that exercise can actually be fun,” said Durrenberger. “Unfortunately, kids just aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Many schools are taking P.E. out of the curriculum altogether. So, we are failing our young people to a large degree. Worse, many are characterizing themselves as not being athletic simply because they don’t play team sports or have a particular interest in sports. Good fitness has very little to do with either. We see it every day with our members – people from all backgrounds and fitness levels. Due to Koko’s high level of customization the Smartraining works for all. This applies to young people, too!”

Durrenberger is particularly excited to introduce Koko Fuel, Koko’s online meal plans and nutritional guidance system.

“Koko Fuel will allow our campers to see what proper nutrition looks like in terms of ingredients and preparation. Campers will have meal plans and some awesome recipes at their fingertips via personal web pages. In fact, we’re going to utilize these recipes in some fun homework assignments. Just don’t tell the kids I said “homework!””

To register your child, call 445-4515 or email Koko at az.orovalley@kokofitclub.com. The registration deadlines are May 31 for camp one, and July 5 for camp two. Early enrollment is recommended as space is limited. Camps will run hourly in the early afternoon hours.

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