Koko FitClub

Ready to make 2013 the year you get fit and start leading a healthier lifestyle?  Already into fitness, but bored with your current regimen?  Not seeing results?  Koko FitClub has the answer.

Owner, Gary Durrenberger, opened Koko FitClub, one of the nation’s hottest new franchises, in Oro Valley in August of 2011 and has watched his business explode thanks to Koko’s unique approach.  Durrenberger credits much of his success to the ability to offer his members an ever-evolving, customized program that’s efficient, effective and affordable.  “There’s absolutely zero guesswork”, states Durrenberger.  “All workouts are preplanned and customized down to the most finite detail to ensure success.  Once we create a plan for a member then we empower them with the ability to exercise on their schedule, not ours, in a clean, first-class,  facility.  Gone are the days of navigating the maze of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  As our slogan states, Koko FitClub is, fit – figured out!”

A national poll suggests that 84% of Americans recognize the need to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.  And with more and more fitness options available, access is not an issue.  So, why aren’t more Americans getting fit?  Durrenberger says reasons are varied, but consistent.  “Often people feel intimidated and confused when it comes to exercise.  This usually leads to frustration which leads to sitting at home instead of sticking with the program.  Again, at Koko we remove all the guesswork and constantly engage our members with motivational tools and support to keep them on track toward meeting their goals.”

Koko’s newest support tool comes in the form of nutrition.  On February 4th, Koko Fuel, its online meal planner and nutritional guidance program, will launch.  Now, in addition to world-class personal training via Koko’s patented Smartraining and Koko Cardio systems, members will have the final piece to the fitness puzzle.

To learn more contact Koko FitClub at (520) 445-4515 or visit online at www.orovalley.kokofitclub.com.  They’re conveniently located at 10785 N. Oracle Rd, in Suite 175 (Oracle & First Ave).

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