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Gym Manager Dylan Barry and Fitness Director Christian Fought.

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Get In A Workout. Get On With Your Life. It is that simple. Residents of Marana agree, Anytime Fitness Twin Peaks is the most convenient, cost efficient, and friendly gym in Northwest Tucson. What they have managed to do is create a facility that specifically caters to each individual member. The gym is growing and members are getting results. Here is why.

“People’s main failure with gym memberships is that they just don’t use them. They sign up, go once or twice, and then just give up. A gym membership can cost $100 per month or $10 per month – if you don’t use it, either price is too expensive” states the Gym Manager Dylan Barry. When asked how Anytime Fitness fixes this problem of non-use, the manager just broke out a big smile and said, “When you give a person a key to the front door, tell them to use that key the minute they feel the urge to work out, whether it is midnight or 5:30 p.m., ensure that the gym is spotless, equipment is well maintained, and provide for them an atmosphere that is never crowded, and always inviting, they start to run out of excuses!”

The new location on Twin Peaks has also brought to life group classes. They offer multiple classes throughout the week and cater to everyone’s busy work schedules. Classes are small and intimate. October 5th will be the first Saturday morning Boot Camp. When people are looking for a change in their lifestyle, this is one great way to make that change. “Being out of shape is just a habit. It is a normal routine that people fall into that prevents them from changing their health. Our Boot Camp is one way to break up that routine,” says certified instructor Katia Cardenas. “Wake up early on Saturday morning and jump start your weekend with a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Do something different. Everyone in this class is out of shape, that’s why they’re doing it. They want to change their routine,” says Katia.

Other classes include Yoga, Spin, Zumba, and Strength Training. Each class is built for beginners and comes with the cost of the membership. Busy work schedule? Not a problem. The gym has an “on demand” group class system called Fitness on Request. Ever wanted to try Zumba, but are a bit apprehensive to shake it around someone other than your children? Well, here is the solution. Fitness on Request is a computerized projection image that allows members to select from multiple different instructional classes. Once you’ve picked a class to try, a projection screen will automatically lower from the ceiling in the aerobics room and your life size instructor will appear on the screen. Close the doors to the room, turn down the lights, and enjoy a 60-minute class in complete solitude.

The Strength Training class is geared more towards the age 50 and up group. “Many of our members are on a health insurance program called Silver Sneakers. I’ve found that this group, mainly of retirees, wants to learn more about muscle development and strength as their bodies age. So we brought in Katia Cardenas again to teach a one-hour class on just that,” according to Dylan. Silver Sneakers members who qualify pay nothing for the membership at the Twin Peaks location.  This demographic is perfect for a gym that is capable of giving one-on-one attention.

The gym also offers unlimited tanning, showers, personal training, and the newest weight loss tool to hit the market, i-Lipo.

Exercise creates a demand by releasing stored fat content to be used as fuel, but the release can come from anywhere in the body. Through the use of low level lasers, i-Lipo mimics the body’s natural fat burning process, allowing you to target an area of your body for fat release even before you begin exercising. Health and fitness is just as emotional as it is physical. People who want to get in shape are overcoming years of difficulty. There just aren’t any real shortcuts. Nobody has the time to work out for countless hours every day. “I can’t help people with diet and nutrition,” says Dylan,“and I can’t drag people off the couch and through our front door, but what we can do is provide people with a clean, quality, friendly environment that makes exercising and hard work as quick and convenient as possible.” Get In A Workout. Get On With Your Life.

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