Accelerated Learning Laboratory

When considering where your child will attend school next year, consider sending them to Accelerated Learning Laboratory. While Accelerated Learning Laboratory may not be the perfect fit for every student, it welcomes every student that wants to enroll and take advantage of the opportunities it provides. Upon entering, many students discover that this relatively tiny and “unknown” school provides them with just the opportunities they need to learn, excel, and gain acceptance into the country’s top universities.

Although many schools occasionally have students gain Ivy League acceptance, few can say their students consistently gain admission into these same universities. Even fewer can say that all of their students - male and female, rich and poor, “gifted” and “at-risk” - end up having a shot at prestigious acceptances.

Every year, students from all backgrounds graduate A.L.L. with the same advantage: an education that matches any provided by expensive private schools or exclusive public charter schools. The question we most often hear is, “How does A.L.L. manage to keep up this track record without pre-selecting ‘the best’ from Tucson?”

A.L.L.’s curriculum is based on both cognitive science and the idea that a student should be able to progress as quickly or as slowly as necessary to truly understand a concept. If chemistry can be fully learned within a semester - great. If it takes you 3 semesters rather than 2 to learn the same topic - so be it. At A.L.L., a student moves onto the next class in a subject area as soon as he or she truly understands the fundamentals: no sooner, no later. A student isn’t held up by any preconceived limits as to what classes she can take based on age. Also, students can’t hide in the back of the classroom, waiting until the year is up to escape the topic - at A.L.L., students move on when they’ve really learned the subject.  

With this information, it’s easier to understand why Washington Post has continuously recognized A.L.L. in its national rankings. This year, A.L.L. placed 2nd within Arizona and 24th nationally for “America’s Most Challenging High School.” Is this environment for everyone? Of course not - if you’re looking to simply graduate and be done with school, this is not the environment for you. However, if you’re wanting your best shot at a competitive college education and access to a customized, supportive learning environment, this is the school for you.

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