The start of school is right around the corner, and while karate is a great summer activity, it can be a great after school program as well. Our schedule is the same year-round for your convenience, so you never have to stress about what time your class is. We offer classes Monday through Thursday all afternoon, and have a class for just about everyone! Unlike other sports, karate never has an off season. We are always available for you! Also unlike other sports, karate is a lifetime sport with lifetime benefits. No matter your age, and no matter your ability, karate has something to offer everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re in karate for discipline, focus, self confidence, or just for fun, everyone can gain something from studying.

Over the summer, classes have been booming, the energy has been great, and the support has been even greater! With several new students integrating into classes every month, there has been a need for some more help running things! Several of our students have stepped up to the plate and taken on the responsibility of assisting us, Mrs. Morrill and Mrs. Klok, in teaching classes. Our assistant instructors have all been taking karate here for about two years, and made the commitment to stay until black belt! They show excellent leadership, and knowledge of their material, as well as a passion for the art. With the extra help, classes are able to run more smoothly and efficiently all while we are having fun, and learning.

So whether you are looking for a family activity, a personal hobby, or a sport for your child, karate could be your answer. We are ocated west of the freeway at Twin Peaks and Coachline, in the Twin Peaks Plaza, right next to Hungry Howie's Pizza! Call us at 572-8669, or visit www.akkakarateusa.biz for more information.

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