One thing we like to stress in our school is that anyone can do karate. Over our years of teaching we have seen remarkable things happen from the people you would least expect. We’ve taught children and adults of all abilities. Not only have we worked with students with learning disabilities, we have also been able to work through several language barriers. We’ve worked with children who speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, and even sign language! We don’t care what the challenge or the concern; we enjoy working with people and helping them to understand that they are capable of greatness, no matter what.

We have a family that started with us a couple months back. The dad had taken karate before and was looking to get back into it, and hopefully bring the rest of the family along too. Before meeting the whole family he came in and explained to us that his wife was deaf. Without hesitation we said, “Not a problem!” and related to him our experience as our family was coming up through the system with an instructor who was deaf, and made it to black belt with no problem! When we first met her, we told her we were going to do our very best to communicate with her, and not make her feel uncomfortable while in class. Back in July they both tested for their next belt rank with flying colors. She explained to us that this is the only place she has been, where people are not afraid to speak with her directly. Watching their family enjoy karate together is a great reminder of why we chose to do what we do. We have had so many reminders lately that the knowledge we have is a gift that should be shared. Being able to communicate and teach the hundreds of students that have walked through our door has been a blessing.

For more information, visit us at 7575 W. Twin Peaks Road, Suite 135, call 572-8669 or check out our website, www.akkakarateusa.biz.

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