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There's lead in your tap water. Nobody should be drinking tap water, especially young people. The body recognizes lead and thinks it's calcium. The human body immediately absorbs lead ans stores it in the bones and brain, because it looks like calcium.

On Jan. 14, 2014, a federal law will become effective banning lead content of more than .25 percent for wetted surfaces. That's great if you're buying a new home. Right now, the plumbing in your home has lead in it. It leaches into your tap water while sitting in the pipe.

We offer a system that connects to your kitchen faucet and will remove the lead along with other nasties like chlorine and trihalomethynes. It costs less to use and is better for you than buying bottled water.

On July 15, we will be giving away one of these extraordinary filters. To enter the drawing, go to Good luck!

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