Accelerated Learning Laboratory

While schools all over Tucson are starting up the new academic year, many families are still searching for the right school for their children. If you’re looking for a small, tight-knit community that will allow your child to learn at his or her own pace, then you should schedule a visit at Accelerated Learning Laboratory, on the northwest side of Tucson.

A.L.L. has an elementary and a secondary school, which offers custom learning experience for every child that attends. As you walk through campus on an average school day, you’ll notice that the secondary school classrooms are full of students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds: young middle school student will be confidently competing with 12th-graders in debate class, intrigued young fifth-graders will program computers side-by-side with older peers, and students of all ages are found helping each other with studying and other projects, like swimming or Science Olympiad. Students in every room are asking questions, staying after class to finish intriguing discussions, and coming in at lunch to have casual talks with teachers about the class work. At A.L.L., the staff and the students firmly believe that learning is in the hands of the students, and that any student has the potential to excel academically. The end result is a community where the students are both cooperative and competitive, and they wholeheartedly encourage those around them to succeed.

Upon graduation, A.L.L. students find that they have a wealth of possibilities. This May, all of the seniors were offered admission to excellent colleges, many of which were Ivy League. Some of the students with the best offers were students who, at other schools, would have been expected to achieve far less. However, while A.L.L. is a challenging environment, it is also a safe, nurturing one that expects the same excellence out of every student. A.L.L. is the perfect school for those seeking an academic community that teaches students to acknowledge, strengthen, and take advantage of their academic potential.

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