As Christmas approaches, families are reflecting on the current year and making plans for the one to come. After all, the New Year is a time of change and improvement. For those who want to start the year with a new academic environment, Accelerated Learning Laboratory, a small charter school on the northwest side of town, offers an exciting alternative to traditional public schools.

Traditionally, a child’s age or grade level dictates the courses that are available to her. Schools sometimes offer advanced or honors courses, but in limited amount. At A.L.L., the only required prerequisite is knowledge. For that reason, A.L.L.’s classes are blended. Within the secondary school’s advanced classes, you’ll find 5th graders studying alongside middle school and high school students. The school’s culture values curiosity and teamwork, and so the older students welcome the younger ones as their peers. Students are placed in the classes that will establish and improve their knowledge base. This is a great way to accelerate a student’s knowledge or to fix any gaps in learning that have occurred. 

At A.L.L., this excitement for learning creates a tight-knit, familial atmosphere. Many graduates, who entered in kindergarten and didn’t leave until they enrolled in Princeton and other top universities, come back on every break, still tutoring and contributing to their alma mater. Other graduates started in middle school, barely able to do 5th grade level work, and they graduated with multiple acceptance letters to universities across the country. Whether a student is operating well above or well below grade level, A.L.L. knows how to spark intellectual curiosity and use it to foster academic and personal growth. The final product is a diverse student body that takes great pride in the school’s achievements.

The students have good cause to be proud of themselves. 

Their hard work has gained the school national recognition: the Washington Post has consistently ranked A.L.L. among the nation’s most challenging high schools. This ranking is a side effect of the school’s true goal: to give all students the opportunity to operate at an advanced level. It is a rewarding sight to see students realize their true potential, and the excitement is contagious. 

A.L.L. is eager to share this culture of learning with more students. If your children are ready for a change to their academic environment, A.L.L. encourages you to schedule a school tour.


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